Monday, January 14, 2013

So Much For Last Week!

Today sucked.


Brenda said...

Oh no!! So sorry - sucks to start the week off that way. Maybe that just means all the days coming up can only get better?

Mrs Furious said...

"Maybe that just means all the days coming up can only get better?"
Sadly, not possible.
So many shitty things have come together to form a perfect storm of crap.
This is another week where Kid's teacher has scheduled EVERY test possible in a 3 day span. WTF?! I just don't get why she does this. Last week was great, thought we might ever keep going next year... then this (AGAIN). reading, math, and grammar tests on Tuesday, big History review test on Wednesday, then a massive 2 week Memory test for Thursday and spelling on Friday. With no lessening of homework... it is undoable. Plus Kid has been having weird intense abdominal pain/nausea for 4 straight days (no fever, no vomiting) and the poor kid is at her wits end, PLUS her best friend at school is going back to Korea in 3 weeks and they just had their first play date this weekend and Kid is just heartbroken about her departure since she'll never see her again... PLUS we just found out that the girl's mother died last year and that is why she came to the US (which just breaks our hearts more!)... it's a lot of stuff for Kid to take in and manage in one week... plus I'm sick, our new appliances are a fail and didn't get delivered on time... and we gave up our whole weekend to trying to get that straightened out, my windshield cracked today, and she has her first ortho appt on Wednesday, Mr F has the auto show, and we're trying to leave town to see my grandmother on Friday.. on and on... it's just a bad bad bad week. Gah!

Brenda said...

Holy moley, lady... that's a lot of crap! You know I hear you on the homework and testing. If we had a big ass 2 week memory test I'd pretty much just write that one right off. Can't figure out why studying wouldn't take over for part of the homework assignments. That seems way crazy. So stressful! Very sad about her little Korean friend. There was Korean family that was here for a few years, and Kev and his friends were pretty good buds with the son, Hyun. When they moved back to Korea, the kids stayed in touch by email and skype. Not the same I know, but maybe it would be fun/cool to have an international pen pal? And the rest of it - being sick, the appliances, the windshield, the orthodontist... well, yeah, that all sounds pretty shitty too. I wish for you all kinds of extra strength and patience. It's what I wish for myself every day!

Torey said...

Ugh. When it rains, it pours.

I'd be tempted to tell the teacher to shove it, but I know that isn't the right answer.

I agree about the pen pal thing. Maybe Kid can make her a scrap book about the area to send home with her back home? Or something similar.

Everything else just sucks! You guys need a break. I hope you get one soon!

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks ladies,
(Although Torey I'm not sure your week is shaping up much better?! How did that sleep study go?)

Yes, I have gotten her an email address and signed her up for Skype. But that isn't really making her feel better (yet). I said to Mr F last night that this is pretty much going to be terrible until the friend actually moves... she has just entered a anticipatory grief mode that she can't/won't shake. The reality will not actually be as bad as this. But I am distraught for her since she's had two major moves where she left her best friends and then we do this for the very purpose of making lasting friends and her two best friends are both moving back to Korea before the year is over. This one leaves in three weeks and then the other two months later. I just for once want her life to go more easily.... I feel terribly!! :(

At least today my throat is not so swollen that it is choking me. So that is a bonus.

Torey said...

No word on the sleep study yet. I may call today and beg and plead. We had a useless appointment with GI yesterday. No, I will not give my 3 year old miralax every day because you won't figure out what causes our problems. But thanks.

We'll see.

Julie said...

God, all of that completely sucks. Individually it would suck, but add it all together and it is just discouraging, huh.

Well, pretty much every day sucks around here these days (and by 'these days' i mean the last 2 freaking months.) I just want a little bit of relief from this. I feel like I am under siege.

I feel for you and Kid. Love to you both.

JavaChick said...

When I was in grade 5, I had this really weird, intense teacher. I used to get bad stomach pain part way through the morning. I experienced this again years later, as an adult in my first full time job working for crazy bosses, and finally connected the dots that it was due to severe stress.

Not saying that is what's going on with Kid, but it's a possibility to consider.

Mrs Furious said...

Java Chick,

Oh, Yes, I absolutely agree. Once we hit day three with no actual intestinal symptom I had a feeling we were dealing with anxiety or stress (after I ruled out appendicitis) I think it is probably related to her friend getting ready to move.. since her tummy started hurting the night before the play date and now continues on with relief when she is distracted at school, or playing... which would not be the case with some physical root. Poor kid :( She is so sensitive.

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