Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Things That Have Conspired Against Me

(I am trying to type this up on my iPad... Whoa annoying... fortunately I have a good two hours to kill at the damn auto glass repair shop)

#1 Unbelievably (or believably) Kid came home from school on Friday with a sprained ankle! Gah!! She is obviously trying to bankrupt us. At least she didn't break it, like she did last year... Or like her arm 3 freaking months ago! I never would have guessed that Kid would be our injury kid... Hopefully this is just per-adolescent clumsy & not lifetime clumsy. Or weird brittle bone disease or something.

#2 I noticed what I really hoped was a bug on my windshield on Friday (yes, I realize that would have been unlikely in winter in Michigan... I was feeling optimistic). Well the cold snap this weekend cracked it all to hell and now I get to spend the next two hours here with you.

#3 Kid had her play date with her Korean friend this weekend. It went well but also made her friend's eminent return to South Korea very real & very sad. Oh man, this is not what we had in mind when decided to send Kid to this school... The point was to be able to foster ongoing friendships not set her up for more loss and grief. The fact that we just discovered her friend's mother had passed away last year, which prompted her coming to the US for school, makes it so much harder. We can no longer believe that she is going back to her family and while it is sad for Kid it is better for her friend. Now there is another much more complicated and devastating reason for her time here and it is overwhelming for Kid. Yes, we will do Skype and email, but the real sorrow is coming more from an overwhelming empathy for her friend's loss. Kid is very depressed and is having a hard time this week. At the playdate her friend told her it was the best day of her life... And Kid is taking that as her truth and it has thrown her off the deep end of despair feeling some responsibility or longing to be able to make this girl's life happier. God, it could make me cry (it does!).

It told her how proud I was of her for befriending the Korean girls and making them a part of her group. She is the first (& only) to do that, and she has made their time here so much better than it would have been. She has given them real friendship & fun in a time that can be very lonely and challenging.

#4 I woke up Saturday with one of the worst sore throats I've ever had. I was choking it was so swollen. Poor little Baby had had it earlier but, since she didn't have a fever and it wasn't strep I did not really take it all that seriously. I apologized profusely. She said "I just tried not to swallow." So, anyway, my workouts have been derailed since then. I'll get back on it tomorrow... Finally feeling better.

#5. Mr. F got stuck in an obsessive cycle about our new appliances and ended up cancelling our dishwasher. Unfortunately that effectively cancelled our installation appointment... For our fridge as well. Unbeknownst to us. So Saturday came and no freaking fridge. Now we have already disconnected our ice maker and pulled our fridge into the middle of the room... Where it has to stay for the time being. We then spent the entire weekend figuring out the mess and ultimately returning and repurchasing our fridge at another Best Buy so we could get a new delivery date. I'm over Best Buy... This whole thing has been a major 3 week debacle... If I'm forking over this kind of money I want real appliance specialists!

#6. Kid's teacher decided to do another one of her schedule every conceivable test in one week ordeals. That is (as always) on top of any regular homework. Weeks like this are on the verge of undoable. And torture. She has a history test on the War of 1812 which includes having to write (on the spot with no reference material) a 5 paragraph essay covering the who, what, where, when, and why of the conflict. I'm sorry... I thought they were in 4th grade.... What kind of alternate universe did we stumble into?!

Ok, car is fixed. I've got to run.


Julie said...

She has a history test on the War of 1812 wth? Plus 5 paragraphs??

Mrs Furious said...

I am so angry with her teacher right now! Yes, the test is crazy overboard... but... what is almost worse is that they had a chapter review which was about 18 questions which you had to answer in complete sentences. Most of the questions the teacher had not covered in class, and the very nature of the questions makes them fairly open ended
What Leadership qualities did Tecumseh and Gov Mason share? (are we serious?!) And there was no correlated part of the book so there isn't a set answer. Ruby's answer is correct "Tecumseh and Mason both tried to protect Michigan's land and resources for their people" but it is marked wrong with no explanation of a better answer. This happened 5.5 times... sometimes Ruby's answer is actually better than the one she would have preferred and either way in EVERY instance Ruby is technically correct and they are OPEN ENDED questions answered in a complete sentence format. If she wants a specific answer than make it multiple fucking choice. So in the end Ruby who had an A in history got a B- on that assignment with no opportunity to up her grade and the quarter ends on Friday. Also the test was today... we got the chapter review assignment back this afternoon. This happens every time! If you got it wrong on the review you wouldn't know before you took the test... so you'd make the same mistake twice. She doesn't go over the answers in class to give them a chance to figure out what she wants. I was kind of coming to an understanding with this teacher but this week she has done everything possible to frustrate me. It's like we are back to square one.

Monica said...

hi mrs. furious. i found myself stumbling on your blog again. :o) love the title of your post and somehow i missed you were in michigan before. i was born and raised (till i was about 12) in midland if you know where that is. :o) don't miss it. but, do miss a lot of my family who is still there. ;o) hope the conspiracies fade away soon.

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