Friday, February 8, 2013

Things I've Been Thinking About

How thankful that I am raising my children in these times.  100 years ago, I'm not sure what would have or could have been done for Baby.

But, also, morbidly, and somewhat disconcertingly, as Baby just cannot get over this... things have been bad (very bad) all week.... I am very aware that children still do die from complications of the flu every year in the US.  This isn't a cold, and it isn't a joke.

Baby has been back and forth with the doctors all week.  We just have not been able to break her fever.  They are watching for pneumonia.  The steroids they gave at the hospital on Monday night, wore off yesterday and her croup has come back.  Thankfully, I had a leftover dose from the initial doctor's appointment Monday morning, and I gave her that last night and she had enough improvement that she made it through the night with going back tot he ER.  Her fever broke in night, and I'm hoping it doesn't return... or if it does... that this is a sign that we might be nearing the end of this.  (Please)

This has been a long, scary, worrisome week.

We have been given a  24 hour limit, if she hasn't improved she'll go back to the hospital for more testing.

P.S. We did not give her the flu vaccine this year (we did last year).  I know that it is not a guarantee, but we will be sure that the girls get it every year after this.


Preppy Mama said...

So scary. Keeping you guys in my thoughts and praying Baby gets through this quickly. :)

Mrs Furious said...

Her fever is still down... (without meds)... for the last 5 hours! I think we're coming through this!

Julie said...

Thinking of you all. Hope Baby starts to feel better and hopefully the rest of you will stay healthy!!

Mrs Furious said...

Damn it! Fever spiked back up! This shit NEVER fucking ends. :(

Kellie said...
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Kellie said...

My brother in law had a fever for 3 weeks and his symptoms were similar to hers. He ended up in the hospital, but they never did officially diagnose him. After my sister asked on FB if anyone else had encountered anything like it there were a couple of people that had. Some kind of pneumonia like virus I guess? Hope she gets better SOON!

Torey said...

UGH!!!!!! I'm so so sorry. It is really scary. Be thankful that not only are you raising kids in this age, but also that you have a kick ass, wonderful and medically advanced children's hospital 20 minutes away.

You are doing the best you can and you are doing an amazing job.

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