Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Next Chapter

Yesterday both girls went off to their first day of school.  
Kid is in 5th grade this year (that sounds especially old) and is an Amazon.   

Baby is in 1st this year.
Their first day was a 1/2 day and so we were all eased in a bit.  Especially since I stayed for morning chapel and was really only gone for an hour and a half.  
(P.S. taking the PTL gig was the best decision I ever made... completely changed my social circumstance at the school)

But today is REAL.  They both just drove off for their first full day of school and I may have cried a bit.  And I may cry some more before the day is over.  
8 hours is a long time to contemplate the advancement of my life... even for me

This is the longest Baby has been away from me, except a few rare sleepovers, and even with that most of that time was at night.  

I have all of the usual mothering anxieties... 
mostly just hoping she'll be able to open all of her lunch containers (and actually eat the food).

Last night, after dinner, she handed me her dirty plate with a few scattered peas and 2 lumps of spinach left behind from their pesto pasta beginnings.  "So, you are all done with this?"  I asked.  "Yeah, just scrape it into my lunch for tomorrow.  I'm going to be there for a full day and I know I'm going to be hungry."  Baby replied.  The absurdity of her actually wanting that for lunch mixed with her earnestness about it, made me laugh and laugh.  

Yesterday, she came home with her classroom newsletter and we learned (to our horror) that she has memory and spelling this year.  "What?!!!  I can't even write in English!"  Baby cried out. 

She was in that moment teaching herself Chinese calligraphy from a picture book.  

(and yes, Mr F and I have decided to start saving up for an arts high school)


Julie said...

I'm quietly freaking out about our first day of school tomorrow.

And in order to make it even more anxiety provoking for me, I am procrastinating doing a bunch of stuff that would be helpful.

Murph, on the other hand, is in complete denial that there is this thing called School and that he is going there tomorrow. And believe me, I have been having him visit and meet the teachers.

Brenda said...

Mrs. F. all these transitions with the kids as they get older... it just never gets easier. You can be so sad, and yet so proud and happy for them. I seem to go through this melancholy on a daily basis. Trying to figure out if it is just PMS, or if this how my whole year is going to be this constant weepineses. My oldest starting his senior year? it is just mind boggling.

So, I just spent some hours translating Kevin's freshman schedule into a color-coded visual chart that someone with organizational issues and ADD might be able to follow... We'll see... The high school is crazy-town, with three floors and each floor having four wings, he's already overwhelmed by the letter and numbering for all the rooms and where he's supposed to be. And the fact that two days a week they have something called block periods, which means you only have half your classes--but for twice as long. And that you all have lunch period 6, but it might be during wave 1,2, or 3, and if you have it wave 2 you actually have some class, go eat lunch and then go back to that same class (huh?), which he actually has to do on Thursdays only. So, you know, freaking out here too.

On the upside: found his locker and actually got it opened. Little victories. Also, Simsbury has an outstanding art program, so I hear you on that. So, so happy that Kevin has two art electives in his schedule (2D and 3D) this semester. I know he will love them and have a lot of creative opportunities over the next four years. Gotta nurture that kind of talent...

Julie: good luck. Will be thinking of you!

Jen said...

can't wait to hear about Baby's first full day of school!!

Mrs Furious said...

I hope it goes well today (or as well as you can hope for!)! Good luck!

It's hard. I get why people have 10 kids... you never have to let any of the phases go.
I can't imagine trying to deal with all of the high school stuff. That is going to hard on Ruby( & me)... yikes. I hope it all goes smoothly for him. Awesome about the art program! No such luck here... big music program but not fine arts.

Yesterday went pretty well. Baby seemed happy about her day (she isn't too super talkative about particulars). She ate most of her lunch (yay!) but was starving when I picked her up (she's not used to having to go so long & they do not have snack).

Kid had homework last night (70 mins) and it brought back some PTSD from last year's nightmare experience, which caused us to spiral into a murder/suicide scenario. Not as bad as last year (yet)... but we were both a little nervous... like "oh jesus not this again". I really hope things are not as intense as last year!!!

Kellie said...

"8 hours is a long time to contemplate the advancement of my life... even for me." Word.

My daughter started high school this year and b/w school and cheer is gone 11-12 hours a day. I cried before we went to registration and bit my lip any time it was discussed after that. I feel like I will blink and she will be graduating. Based on my reaction to 9th grade, I may not survive that. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

"Based on my reaction to 9th grade, I may not survive that. ;)"

You and me, both. I can't believe how fast things start to go. It's why I hate homework so much... it just eats away any time I do have with them.

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