Thursday, August 29, 2013

Week One

Well, we have nearly made it through the first week.

At first I was disgruntled that they do this, start with 3&1/2 days of school only to have a 4 day weekend for Memorial day and then, of course, another 4 day week next week.  It just feels like so much starting and stopping.  But considering how EXHAUSTING adjusting to our new schedule is, I guess I'm relieved by the stopping for a few days.  It  also helps the girls (kids in general) have a less intense start to the year (and maybe this year is shaping up for intensity... again... but not as bad... hopefully).

Our girls' school starts early (8) and we have a commute, so getting up and out is hard (we're not early risers by nature and that cannot be emphasized enough!).  I get up first and go to bed last (no news there) and am just worn out.  Even with the new found time in the day (which surprisingly... or not surprisingly) doesn't seem to actually add up to 8 hours.  I am working out again (yahoo) and am going hog wild.  I have needed this, and now that I do have the time I am not squandering it.  I'm hoping that this will finally be what I needed to get that part of my life back under control.  I'm alternating 90 min walk one day with 60 minute hills the next  during school days.  I should work my way through every movie on Netflix in short order.  With school being what it is, I want my workouts done M-F so I can spend time with the girls on the weekends.

Kid has had homework (70 minutes the first night) and there were tears and it was like last year all over again... and I just felt SO depressed.  I mean they are so tired when they get home, it is hard for her to just sit back down and do more work.  But last night was much better and she only had 30 minutes and that is more than doable.  Baby will start homework next week... not sure how that will be... plus Kid will need to start practicing her flute for band.  And memory work starts up next week.  I don't know.  There are things that are great about this school, but I will always be against this piling on of stuff to do at home.  There is pretty quickly no downtime between school and bed and it just seems unnecessary for elementary school.  We'll see.  I loaded the car with clip boards and homework supplies... maybe they can get some of it done while we're driving home?  Maybe she can practice the flute in the car?

Baby seems happy.  Her teacher is very highly respected and appreciated by parents in the school, so I'm hopeful.  Baby did come home and report her teacher could be "a bit yell-y", though.  Then she went on to describe the teacher yelling at a boy for opening his desk and slamming it down.  (hmm...)  I asked her if she was worried about getting yelled at and she said, "No.  I'm going to focus on being on my best not worst behavior." Good call.  So far, her lunches have been working out, but she is starving when she gets in the car.  I am perplexed about why the little kids have no snack time when I know 3rd grade does.  (perplexed=pissed, of course)  It is really hard to get her to eat a big breakfast in the morning because we are so rushed and she is NOT a fast eater even when she is 100% alert. I'm wishing we had a small RV to drive them to and from school in so she could eat on her way and they could do their homework & have snack on the way back.  It's genius!  I wish I could do that and not have it cost me $1,000,000 in gas.

Oh, our wedding anniversary is this weekend.  Traditional gift = silk.  What the?  I have NO good ideas (not going tie route or undergarments... so don't even suggest it).  I really like when we can find a good art piece for using the year's traditional element... those have been the best.  Of course, there is nothing like waiting until 3 days before to start looking!


Kellie said...

We are about the same age and I think I am in the beginning of menopause too. Let's just say I am buying some sort of cool air device for my bedroom in addition to the air conditioning....fortunately my husband is hot natured! ha! I got up the other night, let the dogs out, waited for them, and when I got back in bed it was still hot where I had been laying. Not super fun....which I'm sure you know. ;)

Nutmeg said...

Loved the last update with the girls' first day of school.

Eli starts first grade next week too! I remember when E and Baby were both... BABIES!

I have slacked with Eli and the summer work he was sent home with because of his insane problems writing things and all the screaming, writhing and tears that ensue. I'm starting to have a little PTSD about the school year. I hope that having him signed up for aftercare, where I HOPE they start the homework with them at least, will help the situation. Then I can just review the homework with him, rather than sit there and deal with all the crying and screaming... which I do not think he does with other people.

RE Silk... it isn't EXACTLY silk, but would he have any interest in a kite? Not that posting it here would be much of a surprise!

Brenda said...

Yay for workout time! I can't remember how long your school commute is. An hour? I'm liking the RV idea!

I feel like the homework has really hit hard and immediately here too. Eric (granted, a senior in high school) was up until 2:30am (2:30am!!!!) doing work on day 2. I mean, he started it late because of XC practice after school and then a scout meeting that evening, but what the heck?

Perimenopause: Its the night time insomnia that is killing me.

Happy anniversary! I knew you two crazy kids would make it!

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