Monday, April 7, 2014

Sick Bed

I'm sick.  SO sick, it is crazy.

First, on Saturday, while I was doing the taxes I felt weird and dizzy.

And I had a sore throat.

But, I actually thought...

this might just be tax induced psychosomatic illness.

You know, like during finals in college

when I would inexplicable turn into a narcoleptic.


So, I did what I always do: ate a bunch of high sugar simple carbs.

No effect.

Right now, looking back, at this point,

I cannot believe I made myself workout for 70 minutes yesterday.

I could have died!

Anyway, back to Saturday...

Every single time, my strange reaction to sickness catches me off guard,

and usually results in my doing something dumb

that could make me break my own legs off.

So, the weird thing for me, is that I never get a fever.

NEVER (ok, rarely)

I've even had raging infections...

dizzy, shaking with chills, red streaks...

and NO fever.

On the rare occasion I have gotten a fever...

I pass out, hit my head

(on a radiator, a marble counter, the kitchen floor...)

and have to be monitored for a concussion.


Does anyone else suffer from this strange malady?

I'm talking like a fever of 100 degrees not 105.

It's weird.

So anyway, I'm glad we are on break

and I don't have to get behind the wheel.

Because I feel deranged.

I mean, it's a cold.  A cold, people...

but I feel like someone has extracted part of my brain

in a cruel science experiment.

So, that's where I am at.


Brenda said...

We had a weird sickness run through our house the past couple of weeks. It looked mostly like a cold, but then there was a low grade fever with it. No vomiting or any of that though. Just achy, and sinus stuff/cough. Kevin had it first, then me, then Eric. I actually took two says off from work, which is basically unheard of! Hope what you have ends quickly. Ours had that 10 day duration of a cold... Per person...

Mrs Furious said...

that could kind of be what I have... things got really bad quickly today and I was about as sick as I get... but again, no fever and so far just bad sinus stuff with body aches.fuzzy brain. We leave for CT tomorrow so I really hope I pull it together and can get us packed. Speaking of which can you email me your number again? We'll be there for 2 days... I might need an escape plan.

Julie said...

I am so sick, too, with like an old-fashioned crazy cold. I actually completely, I mean COMPLETELY, lost my voice for a few days. I was getting nervous about whether it would ever come back. Of course, I finally have an appt. with a therapist today and I lose my voice. At least today is a little bit there. I'm sure talking for an hour (or struggling to) won't be bad for my throat and voice box or whatever.

Whatever is going around is really hard core. Tom also has had for going on 2 weeks (he's much better, but still dragging out.) Jack had major stuffiness, but could deal. I am scared Murphy will get it and then never go back to school this year.

No fever here. Just feel like shit. And have to actually go into the same room to talk to whomever I need to instead of just yelling out from another room. That's gotten annoying. But then, now I totally ignore anyone who tries to talk/yell to me from another room.

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