Friday, May 16, 2014

Cutting Edge... As Always

These weeks are hard.  Not hard like difficult, I guess, just hard to get the lay of the land.  Hard to feel you have a firm grasp on it.

These are the end of the year weeks that make your calendar look like you put in in a blender and poured all the little bits out in an indiscernible pile.

Every single day, I have to neurotically check my calendar and double check my phone and set 100 alarms so I don't forget where I am supposed to be with which kid, at what time, with what food/equipment.

This is a month for hotdogs and watermelon for dinner... oh... let's just say more than once this week, and leave it at that.

You know.

In other news, I just decided to take my walking HARDCORE (ooh exciting, tell me more).  I typically walk 3.5-5 miles a day of hills on the treadmill.  So, theoretically the next step is a 10K which should be pretty easy and then a half marathon.  Did you know there are marathon walkers?  Yeah.  I'm coming for you.  I just feel like I need something to train for.  Walking 13.1 miles is not a joke.  Either is 26.2... but I do think that might in fact be CRAZY.

But first I'm going to join up with these guys:

Because Volksmarching is 100% my jam.

Old people Badasses with walking sticks.


You are my people.

You who collect badges as you walk around the country and THE WORLD.

You who give out hard candy along the route.

If I could create a sport this would be it.  I'm pretty sure.

Even though these old timers are too bad ass to consider it a sport.

(despite routinely walking 10Ks well into old age... don't even pretend this is lame)

All I'm saying is make some room at the table folks!

Next year's Christmas party is going to have one more in attendance.


Julie said...

I'd love to see you wearing that jean jacket with all the patches on it.
That would certainly crack me up.

Torey said...

Why hard candy? Seems like a choking hazard.

It looks like fun to me!

Mrs Furious said..., too, Julie!

low blood sugar? who knows... but I'll take it!

Noah Smith said...

Holy crap. Voksmarching has an association.

Noah Smith said...

Look! A new career path for you!

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