Monday, July 30, 2007

Satan's Lair Update

Alright, there has been a fair amount of hubbub regarding the whole validity of the body fat calculator at Satan's Liar . To this I have to say... obviously the only "fair" way to calibrate this is with the whole water submersion thing... but as Tony (partner to Angie) can attest this is the way the military assesses body fat. Further more, and believe me I wish it weren't true, I cross referenced this with a different calculation listed in The Zone book and with our body fat scale. They all said the same thing. Obviously not an exact science and from the people I have interviewed I would say it is unfairly rigged against "apples" taking only torso measurements and not factoring in the limbs. Which can have drastically different amounts of fat on them depending on "type". I mean my cousin who is about as fit, I mean it, as you can be came out as 24%. She's not an apple or pear more a string bean.
The fact may be we have more fat on us than we would like to believe. Having said all that I did just finally get my first postpartum cycle back and I feel pretty good that I managed to lose 2 lbs this past week despite all the potential bloating (this explains my ravenous need for cookie dough!). So in light of that, I do plan to redo my measurements and my scale next week. I do remember from when I first got the scale and was reasonably fit and had had myself calibrated that the body fat% was accurate, but only at one point in your cycle (the manual even points that out... so ladies don't bother buying the scale!)
Anyhoo, here's my thoughts: female gymnasts have 14% body fat (compared to male gymnasts who have 4%) they have the lowest of all athletes (humans in general ... except anorexics, who are still 10%!) So a gymnast of my weight would still have 18 lbs of fat on their body. I haven't seen a lot of pudge on a gymnast so lets just consider this the fine coat that is evenly distributed over your body for warmth and life function. To think that I have 22 lbs more fat than that seems COMPLETELY reasonable.
So Follow Me...
The fact is I still have 11 pounds to go to my goal and so that is a guaranteed 11 lb fat loss, since 6 months in I am way beyond water weight people!, not to mention that I will be building some muscle from my workouts (I'm not joking around with my exercise) and that I will really need to lose a little more than 11 lbs of fat to actually register an 11 lb weight loss. So lets say I gain 3 lbs of muscle over the next 3 months (I think that is completely reasonable) and lose 14 lbs of fat then at 118 I would be at 26 lbs of fat. Sounds like a lot but guess what that is 22% body fat and the female ideal. So once you factor all that into it, and the fact that my boobs are huge ;), I buy into the whole 31% fat reading.
Either way once I decide which fat reading is easiest and most accurate (read lowest) I am going to stick with that to track my progress. It doesn't matter if it is spot on, just like the calories burned on a treadmill, these are all estimates but still they provide a consistent measure from which to go on.

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