Wednesday, August 1, 2007


Sorry for my lack of recipes and updates.
Charlotte has had Thrush and it has been miserable around here.

On the upside I have been losing even more weight! I am now down to 127.5 which is only 1.5 above my pre-pregs weight! I'm feeling great. I don't know if I really was plateauing or what but I'm over the hump and it is so gratifying to have tangible evidence that you are doing the right thing. I think picking up my exercise has made a huge difference and I have been at it long enough with the same level of consistency that I really do crave it. It is amazing how things change! They say it takes 21 days to form a habit and that does seem to be true. I actually look forward to the end of my day and my workout. No longer bemoan that it is my only time to myself... it is literally what I want to do with my time. I really hope nothing derails my routine because god knows it took me long enough to get to this place. Also I think bumping up my workout time from 45-60 mins to over an hour must have really upped my metabolism. Here's to hoping it is just as easy to lose the next 9.5 lbs as it was to lose the last 3.5 lbs!

Oh and I'm looking into getting this scale to replace my old one. This thing is totally bad ass!


angie said...

I thought when i read on the other blog, that you had lost weight!! Congratulations. I think the increase in exercise time is likely doing it. It's amazing how exercise can become a habit. When i first started exercising I had to make a decision to exercise. Am or am I not? After a while, it was no more a decision as it was to brush my teeth in the morning. It was just something that got done during the day. It makes it easier to exercise that way.

Sorry to hear about the thrash. Hope it clears up soon and that you and Charlotte aren't in too much pain.

angie said...

Your link to scale doesn't work.

Mrs. Furioius said...

damn it! I'll try again.
I have figured out, read the manual, that it is best for the body fat to use the scale right before dinner. There can be a several point difference through out the day. I'm going to try tonight to see what it says. Morning when I weigh is when it will be highest since you are dehydrated.

Mrs. Furioius said...

got it up!

Mr Furious said...

So, what movie are you looking to see?

Mr Furious said...

"Oh and I'm looking into getting this scale to replace my old one. This thing is totally bad ass!"

If nothing else, it's much cooler than our old scale.

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