Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mistakes Number One And Two

So when I was at Target the other day I happened upon a display of these babies...
Yes... Pepperidge Farm Ginger man and Chessmen (although they call them Holiday Butter Cookies) minis. Well you should know that Mr & Mrs F love Pepperidge Farm Ginger Man cookies... LOVE them. And I just couldn't resist the double whammy of both Holiday and Mini marketing. So we walked out of there with both varieties. The problem is I cannot control myself. And as you all know portion control is my strong suit. They are so tiny and so mother fucking delicious that before you know you have had twenty of them. So lesson learned.. when buying mini cookies at Target steer your cart on over to the Ziploc section and get yourself some little snack bags to measure these out in... otherwise you are in for a whole heap of trouble.
Kid F and Mrs F mid chew!
Mrs F indulges in yet another... Kid F gives her fist of approval.

I will also take this time to fill you in on this little Mrs Furious fact:
My Dad's parents (who are 96 and 94 years old) have their refrigerator crisper drawer (yes the one you should have filled with vegetables) entirely filled with Pepperidge Farm cookies... all those white bags stacked one on top of each other. I am completely serious. I have no idea why they refrigerate them... it's not like they go bad.. and at the rate they eat them what would be the point? Now you know why Mrs F has such a sweet tooth. And who said you need to have a well rounded diet? Their diet consists of about 65% cookies and they are doing just fine!


michelline said...

sigh. Those cookies look so good. Even backwards. I think I'll wander over to Judy's desk (right next to mine) and steal her stash of dark chocolate Kisses...

Susannah said...

Gingermen cannot even enter my driveway, much less my house. I will attack them. They will not survive my ferocious love.

eurydice said...

is this a pre-post?

P.O.M. said...

12 for 130 calories? That's not too bad. It's like a glass of wine (which I had 3 of last night -oops)

Shirls said...

putting "treats" in the crisper and the veggies out on the fride shelf is suppose to make you eat more veggies, or so "experts" say... LOL obviously they don't know me.

Mrs. Furious said...

Even backwards
lol.. and yes they were

hands down my favorite cookie. The chessmen were kind of making me sick..

of course.. but not the offensive one

I should note the cookies are the size of crumbs!
That is the problem with drinking.. once you've had one it is so easy to have more :)

well all I can say is it never worked that way for Nana & Grandad.. I think they have maybe a serving of applesauce a day as their vegetation!

Tina said...

Gingerbread anything is nasteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

Julie said...

I LOVE pepperidge farm gingerbread man cookies! And anything "mini"! I will avoid them in Target for sure. Well, maybe not for sure. Now I will probably look for them "for the kids." Yeah, right. They will get like 5 and I will eat the rest. I love Susannah's reference that "they will not survive my ferocious love!"

Mrs. Furious said...


what the hell? what do you like! :)


don't do it. I ate the whole box. plus most of the minies were broken so counting "12" was not so straight forward and it left room for some creative couting...

Cara said...


ps: you have been tagged :-)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh Cara!

I'll do it when I get home!

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