Thursday, November 29, 2007



miles walked: 5.45

Disney food Expense: $78.33 (that's just dinner)


miles walked: 8.75

Disney food Expense: $16.15 (breakfast)
$22.94 (lunch)
$75.13 (dinner)


Tina said...

That right there is reason enough not to ever go to Disney. $70+ for dinner???? Each night???? Are you eating with critters at your elbows or is it always that expensive?

Chris Howard said...

Are you doing character dinners every night?

Mrs. Furious said...

no not character.. but both buffets. One we planned on and one we kind of stumbled into.

Mrs. Furious said...

I should make it clear that it is possible to feed your whole family (including a character meal) for $75 a day if you have the dining plan.. of course this time we don't and it is a total screw job if you want to sit down and have a "real" meal. We hadn't done the non-character buffets before and they are a total rip-off. First of all I just can't eat enough to make it cost effective.. secondly they are as expensive as the character meals but have no characters!

Mr Furious said...

Photos taken by Mr. F since arrival: 313

(Thank God for the demise of film!)

Deb said...

Interesting. I wonder which will cost more, your vacation meals or my plumbing disaster. (Don't buy a decrepit old mansion.)

Chris Howard said...

Photos taken by Mr. F since arrival: 313

We do the same thing. We'll be there with our Nikon D40 taking bunches of pictures.

You can actually eat at Disney cheaper if you eat a few meals at the counter service places. We like the one over by the Haunted Mansion, and the barbecue place in Frontierland is pretty good too.

P.O.M. said...

Gad Zuckes (my dad says that). I always wondered how families could eat on Disney Vaca's.

313 pics? HA HA.

Mrs. Furious said...

it will probably be a close call. Disney usually costs us around 3000 for the whole deal and airfare. But as Chris noted we don't do it on the cheap (what's the fun in that?)
And plumbing shlumbing I still want the decrepit mansion.. one with the coveted "sewing room"

yeah he's kind of lost his mind with the pics. He got a new lense and he's having a hard time breaking himself away.

The deal with the food is, IMO, you can eat crappy-ish unhealthy food for pretty cheap (just like in the real world) or you can sit down and eat somewhat healthier food for a lot of money. I just need to sit down and be "served" a meal once a day so I don't keel over!

Cara said...

I am so jealous!!

I live only about 15 minutes away from Disneyland yet I haven't been in years.

Mrs. Furious said...

Cara you have got to go!

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