Tuesday, January 15, 2008

It's Business Time

"Do you think there are any married couples who have sex less frequently then we do" Mrs F ponders
Mr F thinks for a moment and then responds "Paralyzed people."

Oh we had a good laugh at that one!

On a related note....
If you haven't ever seen THIS do it RIGHT NOW.


Julie said...

Hey, one more thing we have in common...a hearty yeah to that.

That Business Time video was a riot.

We just moved Murphy back to his room, but now one of us is sleeping with him in his bed. We are like a SuperNanny episode or something in which you are thinking "wow, at least I am not as whacked as those parents." I was freezing last night, though, without the little guy in my bed. I think I will let him stay until spring:)

So yeah, the above does not help in the getting busy department.

MommyTime said...


And the video's really funny too.

And we might have you beat in this contest. As witnessed by the fact that it's 12:20am and I'm leaving a comment. I'm just sayin'...

Mrs. Furious said...

It is always good to know you are not alone! ;)

When we were talking about getting the vasectomy I was telling a friend that I had heard from my cousin (whose husband had had one) that you have to .... um.... get the sperm out... one way or another... about 16 times before you are good to go (turns out this is not true... just FYI). Well when I told my friend that she laughed and said "that would take us 16 years!".

Nutmeg said...

I think everyone thinks they must be alone and most people really are not.

Trying to get pregnant with E. was the most sex either of us has had in a single year.

So in comparison my husband thinks we've hit a real dry spell. E. woke up at 11, 1, 3 (was up for 1.5 hours), and 6 last night.

How would anyone find the time with a schedule like that.

Randi said...

"you're wearing that ratty old t-shirt from that your team building exercise - and you've never looked better"
Funny and true! I love the conchords!
Also, on the frequency thing, at least you have kids! we have no excuse! (maybe something good is on tv every night...waiting for the perfect conditions)

Mrs. Furious said...

sounds like E is on Baby's schedule! :(
I hope it gets better for you.

Hey Randi,
I'm in love with the Conchords!

Gigs said...

OMG. That video is hilarious. And don't you worry, you are definitely not alone! When my husband I and were dating, we had a conversation with his sister and bro-in-law about how sex had fallen off the radar for them (they had two young children at the time). Later hubby asked me, "You don't think we'll ever be like that, do you?". "Oh, no!", I replied. Holy cow, how the years have changed us!!

Amy said...

Yup. Do I mind? Heck no...once I hit that bed my body goes into full relax mode, and I don't want to move a milimeter.

Although hubby says we need to start "practicing" more...since we are going to start trying for our second here in a couple months. Maybe while I'm on the couch, catching American Idol?

Chris Howard said...

Hey, as long as you're both happy with it, that's all that matters.

Mrs. Furious said...

do we wish we had more sex? Of course. But are either of us mad or resentful about it? no. We've been down this road before. We parent our children in a way that puts their needs before our marriage. We knew that going into it.. it is what we both want to do. We had our kids 4.5 years apart for a reason and we're stopping at 2 ;)

Tell me about it!

We never needed to "try" unfortunately. I got pregs the first time out each time! And then the months of sickness.. pregs.... recovery.... newborn...
Before you know it you're like "holy shit... did we even have sex this YEAR?!?"

michelline said...

We never needed to "try" unfortunately. I got pregs the first time out each time!

Unfortunately? Guess it's a matter of perspective, LOL. I had to take infertility drugs to get pregnant with our second daughter. And I took almost a year to conceive our first daughter, even though I was only 22!

Mrs. Furious said...

unfortunately only in regards to the "business time" aspect of course! I am insanely fertile.

michelline said...

We've been down this road before. We parent our children in a way that puts their needs before our marriage.

It obviously works for you guys, but it wouldn't work for us. Coming from multiple broken marriages (my mother has been married 3 times and her mother has been married 8 times), I vowed that I would put as much effort into my marriage as I do into my children. I feel that I was married before I had kids and I would like to be married (to the same man!) after they're grown and gone. My kids are super important to me and I make every effort to meet their needs, but it will never be at the expense of my marriage.

I am NOT saying you don't put that effort into your marriage. Every marriage is different and has different needs.

michelline said...

I am insanely fertile.

I can definitely see where that would be a disadvantage. Thank goodness for surgical remedies! Because evidently even abstinence doesn't work 100% of the time... (Mary, anyone?)

Mrs. Furious said...

"(Mary, anyone?)"

yes I too have come from multiple broken marriages and the fact that the relationships came first over the kids scarred me and turned me in the other direction. I think all that matters is that both parties have the same philosophy. And that is the natural instinct for both mr f and I. Absolutely the kids come before our marriage. Also Mr F was in his 30s when we got married and we are older parents (compared to you guys)... we also have been parents virtually our entire marriage... I think that all comes into play with what your expectations are and where you are at with that. Not that we are trying to compartmentalize pre-kids = sex, kids = no sex... but lets just say we were grown up for a while before we were married and right now we are focused on raising little kids and working all night to pay the mortgage. Sex is not a priority it is a luxury. Our marriage is built on our sense of humor... as long as we're still laughing it is all good!

michelline said...

as long as we're still laughing it is all good!

Awesome philosophy!!

Gigs said...

We parent our children in a way that puts their needs before our marriage.

Mrs F, I think you are putting your children's needs before sex, but not before your marriage. Anyone who reads this blog and checks out your videos can see that your marriage is happy and healthy! And as you know, having a solid marriage is really the very best thing for your kids. Sex, schmex. I think you've got your priorities straight.

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