Monday, January 14, 2008


This is one of the best mornings I've had in a long time. I am so freaking excited and elated! Seriously.
Here is the deal(for those of you who don't want to watch the videos)all this time I've been taking my videos with my little Canon PowerShot digital camera. This meant that the files were HUGE... I mean like 300MB. So when I went to upload them to YouTube it would take 15-20 hours (FOR REAL). This was obviously quite frustrating and often times I'd lose my connection at some point and have to start all over. Well last night Mr F figured out how to drag them into iMovie and convert them to smaller files. The result? I just uploaded these files in... get this... ONE SECOND!!! I can't believe it. If only I had known about this last week I could have saved myself a lot of grief!


emmyjw said...

The videos are great,Baby in the background rearranging her food is too cute. By the way not only am I 7 feet tall(actually 5'10;)),I also still need to lose 20 pounds so I really would look freakishly enormous next to you.I'm used to it though,I have towered over my mom,all of my sister-in-laws,mother-in-law and grandma forever.I have been taller than my mom since I was 12.We are going for a play date with a friend who also homeschools today,Conner is driving me crazy asking if it is time to go every 5 minutes. Check ya later!

Deb said...

Oh, crap... I didn't know you were a Mac user and that was the problem! I could have coached you through that! Our mind-reading must not be as strong as I thought it was.

Glad it's solved!

Amy said...

Yeah for Mr.F! Too bad I can't view them at work.

Mrs. Furious said...

I am used to be towered over. My sister is 5'10.
And 20 lbs when you are that tall is NOTHING... that is like 1 lb on me!

"Our mind-reading must not be as strong as I thought it was."
apparently not... the YouTube has been a serious pain in my ass. But since I had never done it any other way I had no idea how fast it was supposed to be.

thanks... huge HUGE relief... cause you know I need to be able to post my videos! ;)

Julie said...


And mmm mmm, i had one of those waffles again this morning. No syrup, no butter and it was so good. Since some of you may live your life in weight watchers points, a serving (2 very filling waffles) is 4 points...but remember, you don't have to put any syrup on it. Plus, 1 waffle is filling.

Heather said...

Ok, wait, what do you do exactly with the movies? I have a canon digital camera as well (and a macbook). Do you drag it into the iMovie HD thing? Then what?

Kiki said...

So glad to hear that you are back in love with youtube, and that posting your videoes will now be breeze for you!!!
I have a terrible time hearing (Meniere's Disease) I didn't want you to think it was you, I can't hear anything.
Do you use tapes or a treadmill for your cardio??? Or combo?

Mrs. Furious said...

Yes. You can drag it from iPhoto into iMovie. Then you can click it to put it in the frame then go to the top and choose "Share" and then choose "Quicktime" and then I'm choosing "web" which will convert it to a smaller file. Then when you go to YouTube you will find it under movies. Or you can actually upload to iMovie straight from the card if all you've got are movies on there. SO much faster!!!

I just use my treadmill since I need to watch my Tivo in order to stay motivated for that long.

Amy said...

ok, here's the deal...(little Mrs. F action there) - you, my dear, are addicting. i dont' know is insane. i check your blog more than anyone else and you crack me up. everything you do and say cracks me up.

Mrs. Furious said...

lol... I don't know why either! If only I could be this popular in real life!

Kiki said...

Okay, I am working on Ken and that purchase!! He is a tough sell!

Mrs. Furious said...

totally worth the money! Good luck!

Heather said...

Ok, wait, what do you do exactly with the movies? I have a canon digital camera as well (and a macbook). Do you drag it into the iMovie HD thing? Then what?

moley said...

Mrs F. Do you realise that you can record straight into iMovie with the built in camera?

Also if you are getting a new camcorder you may need to upgrade to iLife 08. Movie HD only supports DV cameras which have firewire cables and use tapes. If you get the newer hard drive or DVD ones you'll need to upgrade. iMovie 08 (part of the package) is a bit strange but it does upload straight to youtube. It also auto links with the movies in iPhoto so they are already in there for you. Check out the videos on the apple site.

Sorry to waffle on if you already knew all that.

Anyway, love the videos, especially anything with baby in. She is SO cute!

BTW - very impressed with your bread making skills. We use a bread maker. I did occasionally make bread the roper way with my mum as a kid but neither of us were very good at it. Didn't stop us eating it though :-)

moley said...

the roper way

No not some weird British technique you've never heard of!!!

Should say proper way.

Mrs. Furious said...

no I don't know all this! Thank you. So I can do a video right from the built in camera? I'll have to try and figure that out! And upload right to YouTube? Right now I'm converting to Quicktime player to compress and then going to YouTube to upload. Is there some other way? If we get a new digital camcorder we are getting one with a memory card just like our little camera so I'm assuming the program we have now will still work... same exact memory cards.
Okay if I have time I'm going to try and figure this stuff out today. Stay tuned!

moley said...

Mrs F. I'm assuming you've got iMovie HD as I think you said you'd had the macbook about a year. The icon in the dock looks like a film clapperboard with a blue pic with 2 people silhouetted on it.

if you've got iMovie 08 then it looks like a 3D five-sided Hollywood type star.

Anyway, assuming you've got iMovie HD. Open it up, select new and then you'll get a standard open/save box come up asking you to name the file before you start. give it a suitable name, select where you want to save it and then at the bottom of the window, just above and to the right of the new window button you'll see an item which says video format with a little black triangle. Click the triangle to open it and then you'll see a drop down menu which probably says DV. Click the menu and then scroll down to iSight at the bottom. Finally select create.

So the main imovie window should now open, but it's probably in editing mode and just showing a black screen, so click the little slider under the viewing window so it moves left away from the scissors towards the camcorder. You should now see yourself as the isight camera turns on and you then get a record button. Record as needed and then drag the clips you want into the timeline at the bottom.

iMovie 08 (which is the new version which came out last summer) is the only one which can upload directly to youtube, otherwise carry on doing what you are doing.

Now on to camcorders: yes some of them use the same cards as cameras but they don't store footage in the same format. Just as your hard drive in the mac will store lots of types of files (audio, video, photos etc) so can cards.

The files a camcorder makes are not avi they are usually a type of mpeg, similar to the files on a dvd. iMovie 06 does not support these camcorders and you will have to upgrade.

My suggestion would be to either get advice before you buy to make sure it is compatible or buy it somewhere where they will allow you to return it if it doesn't work, or both.

If you could take the macbook with you and try it in the shop that would be ideal but you will need to upgrade your software first.

If you've got a particular model in mind perhaps you could get Mr F to trawl the imovie 08 discussion forums at to see if anyone else has tried it or had issues.

On the other hand, if you only want it for blogging then you might find the macbook's built in camera does the job for you.

Hope this all makes sense, Lynn

Mrs. Furious said...

Thanks!! Yes that made sense :)
We've got iMovie HD. I'll have Mr F read your comments. He's the computer guy around here so he usually does the purchasing and whatnot. Okay I'll try the built in camera tonight!!

Chris Howard said...

You were uploading 300 MB files? No wonder. What can you expect from a social worker and a graphic designer? :)

Now it's going to be Furious TV. Maybe E will pick you up for syndication. :)

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh... shut it! ;)

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