Thursday, March 13, 2008

Cookie Monster

"Could you take these upstairs?" Mrs F asks Kid

"Sure" Kid dutifully replies

"And put them straight into the trash?" Mrs F continues

"Why?" Kid asks noticably intrigued by the suggestion

"Because if you don't I'm going to eat them all." Mrs F concludes


Shirls said...

after our little get together last week, hubby looks at the huge bag of munchies and says to me "do you really want that in the house" and I say "yes, but lets get rid of it anyway" and like my knight he tossed it and took the garbage out, he is my hero :0)

jeannie* said...

Uhm yes... I have those EXACT animal crackers/cookies in my house right now. God bless TJs, but does everything have to be SOOO yummy? I mean really!!!!

Mrs. Furious said...

"and took the garbage out"
That part is key... he really is a knight!

Thanks for the comment! :)
I have to ban TJs now... I just can't go in there w/o buying some kind of sabotage-y junk. I'm going to have to send Mr F there for the necessities (tomato soup & choc croissants)

Nutmeg said...

In studying for my exam the last two days, I ate a full on 3/4 of a bag of blue corn tortilla chips with peach pineapple salsa from target.

Thank goodness both are gone now (because we ate them all). This is why we don't have snacks in the house.

Mrs. Furious said...

"peach pineapple salsa from target"
Dammit that stuff is good!

During my weight loss phase I was hardcore no snacks. Things have gotten kind of out of control around here lately...

Deb said...

I'm afraid to go to TJs. I want to, but I know this kind of stuff is lurking, and I have zero will power. It's just easier to shop online, have groceries delivered and bemoan the fact that there are no sweets in the house. I do a lot less impulse shopping that way. (But it is a SAD way to live. I miss refined sugar.)

SawSaw said...

Dear Mrs. Furious,

I heart you for being only human :)


Mrs. Furious said...

Saw Saw,
I ate at least 1100 calories in freaking animal crackers yesterday. I'm not kidding. At a certain point I just decided to give in and only eat animal crackers for the rest of the day/night to just get the craving out of my system. I WILL NOT BE BUYING THEM AGAIN!

emmyjw said...

LOL I have so done that before, just decided that I will just eat all of my calories from whatever crap I am craving, but unfortunately I usually crave ice cream which adds up pretty quickly.

Southern Fried Girl said...

That picture cracked me up. Love it.

Mrs. Furious said...

well you know I'll do almost anything for a laugh ;)

thank God they were only 120 calories a serving or I'd have been in real trouble!

SawSaw said...

Yeah I'm feeling that way about Breyer's All Natural Strawberry Ice Cream--I did some damage today.. yep..

eurydice said...

i hope this is a staged photo for funny purposes hahaha. otherwise i'd feel bad for mr. f. taking you to eat in public hahahaha!

(except i do actually eat popcorn like that, in public... so....)

Mrs. Furious said...

lol... yes it took me about 6 takes to get the cookie logo to stay steady while still shoving a handful in my mouth!

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