Monday, March 10, 2008

Three Months Till Bathing Suit Season


Heather said...

Isn't that the dress she had on when she was doing her "growing" thing last week? Maybe she put chocolate in there first.

Now I'll go watch the rest.

I've got tedious tasks to avoid at work. :)

Heather said...

Ok, I'm just gonna throw this out there: Corinne's work your butt off book has a zillion cardio routines, and some of them -- are you sitting down -- involve walking backwards on the treadmill. I've never had enough courage to do it, but apparently it's awesome. At a low speed, of course. She also has some free cardio routines on her website.

emmyjw said...

LOL!I have got so much loose belly skin after 4 pregnancies that there may be a kangaroo under there, I can't say for sure ;) I am trying so hard to stay in the groove, I have been mixing up my cardio, doing all kinds of different workouts on the treadmill and sticking with my strength training, which I need to up to the next level too, but man it is hard to stay excited, I am keeping it up though because my jeans are falling off and that makes me smile ( as long as I don't think about the belly...)

Mrs. Furious said...

very observant! Yes same dress!

Okay I'll go check out Corrine's site.

"as long as I don't think about the belly..."
Don't I know it!

Deb said...

Okay, okay... just don't yell at me anymore. I'll do it. Right after I get over this cold. Really.

Have you noticed your family wears a lot of blue (sort of a dark teal) and things in the purple/pink neighborhood? Just sayin'.

Deb said...

P.S. Thanks for the comment on the doggy blog entry.

Heather said...

Ps the guy on Biggest Loser you're thinking of is Seth Word,

Apparently he lives (lived?) in Sacramento. Yes, just a mere hour away from SF.

Robin said...

I'm in. I found some motivation, and I am ready to kick my ass for bikini season. (Which incidentally will be here in Texas in about 6 weeks, so I better get busy.

Dinah Soar said...

Have you tried the stain stick that can wait a week before laundering? I keep one in my bathroom where the hamper is and when I take off my clothes I use the stain stick on any spots, throw the clothes in the hamper and when it time to launder, all my clothes need are sorting. Would this work for your clothes and kids clothes? maybe you could get Mr. F his own stick and instruct him how to use it...your laundry would go a lot quicker on laundry day.

Mrs. Furious said...

If I could marry teal & fuscia I would. I LOVE them. Added bonus is that I am a "jewel tone" so they work for me. The saddest part about summer is that very few summer clothes can be purchased in my favorite colors.

I'll have to look for it. Is it a Spray n' Wash brand item? Mr F is not allowed to touch our clothes but he does do his own (long story).

Mrs. Furious said...

YES! Seth!!! Thank you. He had great abs... minus the extra skin part.

okay we'll have to devise a plan.

Kiki said...

Mrs.F., If you live in SC then I swear its coming like tomorrow...every day is warmer than before, there is crazy pollen everywhere and all kinds of Canadians are visiting because they are on spring break. We're like 5 minutes away from being used for filming MTV's Spring Break-UGH!!!! I am so not bathing suit ready, but this week and next are tricky, hormonally for me.

Mrs. Furious said...

although I'm jealous... I guess the one good thing about a long winter is that you have a long time to get in shape before swim suit season. ;)

Kiki said...

Don't be jealous, everyone I work with is popping Zyrtec like addicts, the tourists are kind of out of control and I am NOT IN SHAPE and we own a boat...not good!!!

Cara said...

The interval running is hard but I love it! I hear it helps build up the muscles in your knees better than regular running. it prevents injury, etc.

Also I am 23 and sitting like you were on your knees absolutely kills me! hahah.

Jennifer said...

Ok, so I would like to join a challenge. I went shopping last night and lets just say it was just short of making me want to jump off a bridge. lol. Which I will be posting the gory details after I leave here because I have to get it off my chest and trust me, no one I "know" wants to hear about it.


Amy said...

Dude, I am so in on a bathing suit challenge.

Have you heard of Crossfit? There is one in Ann Arbor, and I stalk the website trying to decide if I'm ready for this level of commitment - I think I am, but the 30 mile drive for me makes it a bit more challenging with three kids and a husband who works 30 miles away in a different direction. I can give myself a workout, I can challenge myself on a daily basis; but nothing beats someone kicking your ass for an hour, and getting a great workout with a group of like-minded people.

Danielle said...

Im in! I've got some serious (ahem) loose skin issues. If I could lose 10 more pounds, I think I could pull off a cute (but more mature) bikini!

Mrs. Furious said...

good to know about the intervals! Good I'll keep it up.

I'll have to go to your site.
Okay now we just have to define the challenge!

I've never heard of Crossfit. I'll google it.

Bikini... I wish!

Okay I think for this week I am going to try and put in a workout EVERY DAY... not necessarily a long one but just try to get even 15-20 minutes in when I normally would have taken the day off. For me getting on is the hard part and I'll generally pump out a longer workout once I'm committed.

Mrs. Furious said...

Oh God.... I'm scared of Crossfit!!! Intrigued... but.... terrified ;)

Christine said...

why dont you set a date and walk a half marathon? it will change your life...and just help keep you focused with a goal

Mrs. Furious said...

what is that 13 miles? Do people actually walk or will I look like a loser?
That would take me like 4 hours... but I think I could do that. I could try and find one for the summer.


Christine said...

Mrs F. Yes it is 13.1 miles. A ton of people walk them. They usually keep the course open for 6 hrs. People actually walk the full marathon too. Theres training plans online and everything if you google it! Its totally changed my life (i run them). And keeps you constantly working towards something.

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