Friday, March 14, 2008

The Love Story: Chapter Two

So when we left off Mr F and I had just met in dog training class.

Mr F and I continued to take class together, but seeing as Mr F was not actually single, I didn't waste too much time or thought on him. I began dating someone else (or maybe two) and wasted a fair amount of time being faux pursued on Now let me take this opportunity to say that in my experience (although it was awhile ago) the best thing to do when you are picking up the pieces of a failed relationship is to start internet dating. Things may have changed but during my free trial period I would come home to a good 40 or 60 emails and PLEASE nothing could make you feel more confident than knowing somebody somewhere would like to date you. And even though I didn't actually meet anyone I was talking to online it did give me the confidence to get back out there.

***Let me take this opportunity to say to Mr Paraplegic: "I totally understand why you felt you needed to pretend you weren't actually paralyzed by posting a photo from before your accident. I also can see why it is hard to tell someone you are interested in that you are paralyzed... but at some point it crosses a line and you crossed it." ***

Okay back to the love story...

About 6 weeks after we first met I noticed Mr F and his dog at the dog park. He was standing up on a hill letting his dog run on a long lead. He was wearing a GIGANTIC Red Sox jersey over some overalls (and yeah that is painful to write... and noteworthy only because these are some of the first things I eliminated from his daily wardrobe once we were married). I thought to myself... "hmm maybe he's an architect"... I don't really know why but that is what I thought and what I've always remembered about that day. Meanwhile I was chatting with the gay couple with the miniature schnauzer and a man whose wife was a cashmere buyer (they had a standard poodle) they were part of my dog park crew since Canine is a bit of an elitist.

At a certain point that evening Mr F came down the hill. The schnauzer had left and I was chatting about how the cashmere they use at Land's End is the same exact cashmere that TSE Cashmere uses (true my friends... it is 100% true, Land's End sells the highest quality cashmere... keep it in mind). Mr F joined us because he wanted to know if we had dog training that night or not. We started talking about what a complete freak our dog trainer was and how we both weren't even sure if we were going to finish the series of classes we had paid for. For some reason (and I'm assuming at this point he no longer thinks I'm a teenager... but I don't know that for sure) Mr F said he was debating moving in with his girlfriend.
It went like this:

Me "Well, how long have you guys been together?"

Mr F "four years"

Me "If you are still debating whether or not you want to live with someone after four years then it seems to me that you don't want to."

Hey are you at all surprised? I have always been a tell-it-like-it-is type of person.

To Be Continued...


Cara said...

Is it weird that after i read this I wanted to say, you are my hero? hahah. You are great. I love people who "tell it like it is" because those are the ones you can trust the most! You are great.

Heather said...

This is why that waiter was captivated! You told him like it was!

LOL about the misrepresentation on Agreed about the ego boost. Totally. I remember one date where I said no to the second date and the guy send me THREE emails, long, long emails telling me why I should reconsider. It made me want to change the locks on my door -- not that he knew where I lived, but you understand what I'm sayin. He kept saying "You deserve a second date."

Lemme see if I can find those on my old yahoo account. Those would be funny to read...

Mrs. Furious said...

gee... thanks :)

Oh God I probably have some of mine on my old computer... that would be fucking hilarious!
Yeah definitely some of the people were freaks. In fact my ex (we had actually been living together) actually joined and made a fake profile to try and manipulate me... totally inappropriate and weird.

Deb said...

LOL... that sounds like something I would have said. Good for you on the jersey and overalls, both for overlooking them initially and for getting rid of them immediately. :)

I only know the two of you from your blogs, but from what I read, you seem like such a good match. Of course, I suppose he could be beating you every night and we just don't know about it... I would feel very let down if that was the case, Mr. F.

(Did that come across as tongue-in-cheek like I intended or just wholly inappropriate? You can never tell on the 'net.)

eurydice said...

mr. paraplegic? wtf!

also overalls!? WTF! ;o)

Mrs. Furious said...

LOL! Oh God that really made me laugh...

of course I do threaten to beat him every night but that's to be expected ;)

tell me about it... (on both fronts)

Kiki said...

I am completely obsessed with this "How We Met" story, they need to come in faster installments, please...unless of course, Kid is crying, then probably best to tend to that and put us on the back burner.

The question also bears you remember what you were wearing...does Mr.F?

emmyjw said...

I can't wait for the next installment of this beautiful love story ;) Nolan wears some of the craziest crap, I completely give up. He si currently really into bow ties... A couple of years ago he started wearing Hawaiin shirts. What can I say, he gets bored and expresses hes creativity through wearing dorky clothes. One thing he has never worn to date though is overalls :)

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