Monday, April 7, 2008

This Week The Plan

Arrgh... I've already tried to type this out and get it up once today. Damn Blogger.

Well last night I finally finished my part of the taxes. Thank God that is over... what a goddamn nightmare. Mr F still needs to finish up his business end but I'm done and I can relax.

Purging took a back seat to tax preparation this weekend but fear not we have not thrown in the towel. I have finished clipping all the recipes out of my massive back issue collection and the carcasses will be hitting the curb this Thursday!

On the health front Baby is much improved and has been sleeping much better. 6 years of sleep deprivation down... 2 more to go!

Kid is off of school all week, the weather is finally GORGEOUS, and we'll be heading out a lot the next few days. I'm even planning to load 'em up and take them out to the Toledo Zoo.... such a beautiful zoo well worth the hours drive.

Okay on to this week...


Monday - whole grain penne w/ sauteed peppers & onions, peas & tomato sauce

Tuesday - Trader Joe's Chinese take-out style chicken, rice & broccoli

Wednesday - Chicken Noodle Soup & Apple Carrot Muffins

Thursday - Chicken Caesar Salad w/ Homemade Bread

Friday - take out

Saturday - take out

Sunday - Meatball Soup w/ crescent rolls

Diet & Exercise:
I'm back on board. I'm back to calorie counting, cookie dough eating, & increased exercising. I've got a doable but challenging goal in place and I'm moving forward. With the turn in the weather I'm really going to try and see how much activity I can fit into my days with the kids so I can enjoy the evenings a bit more. I'm still going to schedule 3 hardcore treadmill workouts and one full pilates just to be sure I keep the intensity up. I'm going to start making Mondays a pilates workout day and try to keep that consistent... I've still be having trouble trading off a cardio for a strength and I think putting it at the start of the week might help. I've also started doing sit ups and push ups and tri dips sprinkled through my day... why was I not doing that before?

Errands & Chores:
Well having Kid home does throw a wrench into my usual routine....

Monday - vacuum, clean downstairs bathroom

Tuesday - grocery shop, laundry

Wednesday - zoo

Thursday - vacuum, clean floors

Friday - vacuum upstairs

Sat & Sunday - sell my body on the corner in efforts to earn quick cash to pay taxes


Jennifer said...

Yo, stay off my street corner and we won't have any problems .. I'm just sayin ...


michelline said...

Sat & Sunday - sell my body on the corner in efforts to earn quick cash to pay taxes

And since it's not legal, you don't have to pay taxes on that amount. Sounds like a winning plan!

Our taxes are simple, but the IRS held up our refund this year because someone else filed with Chris's SSN. Go figure.

Mrs Furious said...

lol... don't worry I've got my own turf...

Like stolen identity type stuff?! Nightmare...

Kiki said...

Mrs.F., Ilove the way you just slip that last idea in there, way to think outside the box...that's what my husband would say!!!

Mrs Furious said...

Hey Kiki!
I worked out tonight. There's still time for your crazy Hip Hop Abs ;)

michelline said...

Like stolen identity type stuff?! Nightmare...

No, more like stupid people who don't proofread their returns before they file them. The IRS representative we talked to said it was most likely a fat-fingering issue. Come on. I can understand math mistakes on the return, but who doesn't know their own SSN? Or their spouse's? Their error (not a huge deal in the scheme of things and it's been dealth with) held up our refund. It was supposed to be deposited to our account on 3/14, but as of Friday, April 4, it would be 2 to 3 more weeks. I have plans for that money, LOL.

Mrs Furious said...

Well at least it wasn't a fraud issue.

I wish we got refunds! I'd be taking that money straight to Disney ;)

michelline said...

I'd be taking that money straight to Disney ;)

After paying off the truck, we are :) Today is Libby's birthday and she decided she wanted to take a friend with us to Disney for the weekend in lieu of a birthday party.

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