Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Coming Clean

I weighed myself this morning and, as hard as it is to admit, my weight has left my maintenance range. I'm not surprised. I think at the end of the day I did what I had to do to get through 3 very tough weeks. Unfortunately that means I'm 1.5 pounds OVER my range. 1.5?! Big deal! Right? Wrong. The whole point to picking a maintenance range is giving yourself a little leeway for the natural ebb & flow of weight fluctuations... and to give you a top point that you won't exceed. And if you do it's the wake up call that what you are doing isn't working anymore and you need to change it immediately.
While 1.5 might not seem like a lot it's 1.5 too many... and it's a slippery slope... 1.5 this week could quite easily be 3 next week.
So today I'm going shopping and I'm getting back to meal planning and calorie counting. I'm also taking a break from the McDs drive thru and their delicious iced coffees (I will miss you). And it is time that I got recommitted to working out. Fortunately the basement is finished and I've got my treadmill and pilates machine back up. Unfortunately Mr F is only in town for another 10 days and I don't have a game plan for how I'll fit my exercise in around his absence... or how I'll do it once they load up my machines on the 14th.
But instead of focusing on what I won't be able to do I'm just taking this one day at a time and doing what I can do today. It is way to easy to start sabotaging when I think of the big picture. I want to get back down to the bottom of my range so I'm going to try and exercise EVERY day for at least 30 minutes and come in at 1650 calories. I want to get it down now so I can have a little cushion for the inevitable weight gain that will come from moving and unpacking!


Bi0nicw0man said...

Oh girl, I'm right there with you at that point "just above" my maintenance range. I HATE IT. And I don't even have any kids or stress to blame it on. At least you have good reason!! Don't beat yourself up.

Once they pack your equipment up and the Mr. is gone, do you have a neighbor or friend that can help you out for an hour or two every other day? Then you can get out for a hike/walk/run/yoga class....

Good luck!!!

Haley said...

Good luck hopping back on the wagon. Sounds like you have a solid plan and your normal steely determination -- you'll be back in your comfort zone in no time!

Suzy said...

Ugh. I feel your pain. I'm up right now too and it sucks. Finally getting to the point where the clothes are getting snug, and enough's enough. I'm with you on the exercise and laying off the desserts.

I caught a bit of the Amish bit on ABC last night and totally thought about you. Have you had a chance to watch it yet? The pimped-out buggy blasting ACDC is hilarious!!

Deb said...

I have moved into maternity shorts now, and I was quickly reminded of the joys and dangers of elastic waistbands. So keep talking about exercise, because it's motivating me to stick to my 3-mile-a-day walk that I desperately need to keep my hormonal self on an even keel. You're exercising for three now. You can do it!!

Mrs Furious said...

are you pregs? Did I miss something BIG in my moving induced self-absorbtion?!

Mrs Furious said...

Okay confirmed... you are pregs. Congrats!! I missed all that with our computer free vacation and whatnot.
Just wearing maternity shorts at 15 weeks?!?! Lucky lady. I was wearing them at about 8 weeks with Baby... no freaking joke.

Oh I watched it and loved every minute! ;)

thanks for the encouragement... let's hope I have the stamina to follow thru.

Were you already living with your boyfriend before you bought your house? Because I definitely gained about 5 pounds when we started living together.

Robin said...

Sounds like a good plan. Good for you for facing the scale. :)

emmyjw said...

Good for you, like you said, if you don't get on it at 1.5# it creeps up fast. Stress will do that to you... I just got back on my exercise routine now that all of the house projects are done (except the constant cleaning...) I really hope you guys get the house you want and have as little stress moving as possible. I still can't imagine finding a house so quick in a completely new place, you really are a badass ;)

AshinMT said...

Mrs. F,
You sound motivated as ever even with all thats on your mind. you will be back where you want to be in no time, YOU GO!
Now a question:
How much of a "maintenance range" do you give yourselves. I have been at my current weight (154) for a loong time it seems and would like to be a solid 148-150. Would that be my maintenance range? Or would the 154 be (because im comfy here :) ) my "absolutely dont go over" spot... Just wondering how much lee-way (sp) you all give yourselves?

eurydice said...

it's so easy for 1.5 pounds to become more... you are wise to tcb (take care of business) right away!

carrie said...

I've been on maintenance from WW since Sept and have just crept above my range, too (2 pounds). Thanks for laying it out helps so much with MY resolve to hear you talking about the same things! ashinmt: My range is 131-135. I feel great at about 132. I go with the four pound range because my weight can vary that much in the same day and I didn't want to make myself totally crazy. :-)

Mrs Furious said...

I give myself 3 pounds. BUT I'm small and an "apple" so 3 pounds is a visible difference. My range is 109-112. I've been able to keep it there for 7 months so I think it is a reasonable range for me. Like Carrie I feel best one pound up from my bottom at 110. And I can't stay at that without regular exercise... so it's a good motivation.

word... I know I could turn around and be 115 and then 120 by the end of July... not gonna happen.

Deb said...


Ohhh... you are a saint for saying that. Thank you! I feel like such a slob! I wasn't in maternity pants until about 18 weeks last time. I know, I know... second kid. Ugh.

P.O.M. said...

You've had a rough couple weeks, but there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

So you have Mr F for 10 days. That's 10 days to get really intense on the workouts. 1.5 will fall off in less than 5 days fo sho. And then you have more time to build up that maintenance cushion.

If anyone can do this, it's Mrs. F.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh dude... I looked about 25 weeks pregs at 13 weeks. My stomach went from not pregs to full on popped out pregs as soon as the sperm hit the egg.

I'm on it. I worked out today... and really it is that 1st workout post break that is the hardest. If I can get my endurance back up to 60+ I'll have no problem getting it to stay down.

Amy said...

i think crisis motivates you, or at least that's what i've gleaned from your posts as I've read. this will be a small bump in the scheme of things because you'll blow that few lbs away a few short weeks if your past is any proof.

Mrs Furious said...

So true so true. I always loved crisis counseling the most when I was working too... I do thrive when pushed to the brink ;)

Marie said...

Hey, while Mr. F's away its time to be creative..walks with the kids, kicking and running after a ball with the girls at the park. Or maybe after baby goes to sleep, enjoy a little "jon and kate +8" with kid in the basement and get in a little treadmill time. (of course, I have no idea when baby goes to bed or if this is feasible, but just an idea!)

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