Friday, June 27, 2008

It's Real... It's Really Happening

I know this process has been kind of all consuming for a while and seems like it has just been dragging on and on (or is that just me?) but it hasn't even been a month since we heard he had the job... and it hasn't been two months since he first interviewed. The past month has just been like running in front of a steamroller trying desperately to pick up everything in its way before it crushes us all. I can't believe all that we've done in three & a half weeks!

Now I have just over 2 weeks until we move out. And in someways I'm in a quiet spot between two big colliding storms. I don't technically have to pack anything (although maybe I should... or not... it's paid for). We do need to clear out the rest of the stuff we don't want to keep... or is trash... so that it doesn't get packed and loaded on the truck. I'm spending my time trying to figure out what furniture we can use there and what to do with the rest. Since cost isn't really an issue I'm just thinking of moving it... I mean you never know where we will be in two years. I don't really have time for selling it or the ability to cart it out of here myself anyway... and we will have a huge unfinished basement to store it in.


moi.bloggirl said...

first one to leave comment.

First of all Congrats!! that is way too short a time to get/accept job, sell your house and buy a new one (esp with two kids).

Rest is now a cakewalk so dont worry..just enjoy the ride.

Amy said...

Bonjour Cherie...been abroad so I need to catch up on what's been happening! Maybe after this jetlag's cleared up...

Mrs Furious said...

are you home?
I hope you had a fantastic trip!

It's been crazy... but I think you are right. With not having to pack I'm just going to coast for awhile.

michelline said...

Nice! All you have to pack is the stuff you and the girls can't live without for a couple of weeks. I'm very happy for you guys. It'll be a big adventure for Kid and Baby.

Amy said...

I am home...will post about my trip after my ears stop popping and I can hear myself think!

angie said...

I think that there is a brown chair in your living room that won't work and the rug in your dining room just won't fit in. We can help you get rid of them.

Oh and congrats. I am happy for you. And really, I wasn't hoping the house would fall through and you'd just decide to stay in Ann Arbor. Never even crossed my mind.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Take the stuff with you....but sort it before they start packing and loading so you don't wind up with a massive stack of boxes and stuff buried underneath the furniture you don't plan to use.

That's what happened to us. They stacked all of our extra furniture, appliances, etc in front of boxes that were just marked "downstairs" so it took me six months to dig my way in and find things like the box that container my laundry detergent and Dustbuster!

Liz said...

Don't move it! You will have to unpack it...get rid of it now! it will make the move in process so much nicer!

That is if you have the motivation and energy! :)

Kira's journal said...

Or you could contact Friends in Deed ( They can pick up your unwanted furniture for you and it will be delivered to someone who needs it.

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously... what a huge relief NOT to have to pack everything.

the armless chair?
I was just outside of 3 Chairs redecorating our new place ...

I'm looking forward to your tales

good to know.

If we had a few more weeks I'd really try... I'm just so done right now... yet I HATE the idea of moving unwanted stuff. The furniture is tricky though since I really don't know what we'll use or how we'll use it.

Kira's Journal,
If they'll come pick it up that is a good reference. I could always have someone come through once the movers are out of here.

Deb said...

Take it with you. My greatest moving regret is getting rid of some furniture in Portland that I could have used two houses later.

BTW, in case you haven't already thought of it, have the movers mark you boxes with the rooms you want them to go into in the NEW house. Example: I had a pantry in one house, but not the next one, so everything from the pantry was marked kitchen. It makes it easier if you don't have to stand around all day on moving day and tell movers there is no pantry and it should all go into the kitchen. I always arrive at the new house on moving day and tape names of the rooms to the doors -- Baby's room, Kid's room, Master, Living Room, etc., again, so they don't have to ask me a million questions. I also plan where furniture will go before the move and tag each piece with a piece of paper that clearly labels what room it should go to, then they shrink wrap the label onto the furniture (or tape if it they're using moving blankets). Anything you can do to minimize standing around and watching them all day long -- because you'll be busy doing other things -- really helps.

Last, make a list of all the staples in your fridge before you toss them. That way you can replace them all in one trip to the grocery store, rather than realize your crucial dijon mustard (or whatever) is missing right in the midst of a recipe six weeks later.

I'll stop now.

Deb said...

I'm sure paragraph breaks would have been nice in that last comment. Sorry 'bout that.

angie said...

Stay away, far away from 3 chairs. That place is dangerous.

And yes, the armless one :-)

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