Monday, October 13, 2008

The Littlest Dictator

As Baby pitches her first tantrum of the day, 

clinging to Mrs F's legs in the kitchen,

Mrs F looks up and says 

to Mr F as he heads for the door

"See you in NINE hours."


katieo said...

Thomas was up this morning at FIVE FREAKING THIRTY.

such a great way to start off a week...

I'm off to the gym to release the frustration on the treadmill.

renee said...

That picture is a classic-the look on your face-TOO FUNNY! But I must say you look too damn good for first thing in the should see me right now! Is it a full moon or something because Sarah woke up in a ROTTEN mood as well!

Julie said...

I just got caught up on your posts...we have been in Vermont (where else!) visiting friends.

Hang in there...Baby will be in preschool soon:) You will get a teeny tiny break then.

Mrs Furious said...

I'm off to the gym to release the frustration on the treadmill.

Ah... and I am off to the bakery ;)

If Baby isn't out of the house doing something exactly to her liking (which pretty much equals indoor or outdoor playground or coloring on herself) she's a *&^%$. Seriously.

Baby will be in preschool soon

Until then I'll go brew another pot of coffee ;)

Mr Furious said...

She is a terror these days—totally polar mood swing-style. One minute "No Daddie!" the next, only Daddie. Constantly into stuff unsafe or whatever, and pitches a complete fit if you stop her/take it away.

There is NO doubt I could not handle a full day with her. Not without serious tranquilizers for one of us.

Supermom said...

The look on your face is priceless!!!!

I totally understand though. When hubs leaves in the morning to retreat to his air conditioned/heated office to work on a computer from 8am-5pm.

Totally tantrum free UNLESS I call him to hear Lil O screaming!

Michelle :)

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F,
remember this when you wonder why I'm annoyed when you come home late!

renee said...

This is to Mr. F-I need you to have a talk with my hubby because he thinks staying at home w/ the children is a cakewalk (his words-ugh!) and he wonders why I'm in a bad mood all the time!

Mrs. F-I can totally relate...Sarah is EXACTLY the same...
My son was more like the terrible late threes into early fours but its seems that as Sarah reached two she was in full swing of the so called 'terrible twos'...I'm finding that at least for me, girls are much more challenging (aka-polar mood swings, dramatic, etc.) or maybe its just that they are smarter and thus more manipulative? ha! :)

Marie said...

Hmmm...seems like somethings in the air.. My 16 month old has just decided to start taking only one nap a day, so from 4pm-7pm its pretty much nonstop hysterical crying mixed with maniacal laughing. Fun fun. Oh yeah, and add in the LOVELY temper tantrums where she throws herself backwards and howls...

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I've been known to make a well timed phone call myself ;)

My grandmother had 5 kids within 7 years when they were little (one was her nephew) and she enjoys her cocktail hour... now I know why ;)


I know what you mean..with my coffee too. :)

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