Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Be Glad You're Not In My Family

or there would be a pretty good chance I'd want to harm you right now.


Two Boots Sangria

3 parts red wine (1 bottle)
3 parts OJ (3 cups)
1.5 parts Wild Cherry Brandy (1.5 cups)
1 part 7Up (or similar.. 1 cup)
sliced fruit

mix juice, brandy & wine together and chill
pour in soda before serving and serve over ice

Now we didn't have most of this stuff on hand today so I made it with wine, OJ, weird old brandy, ginger ale and an additional 2 cups of apple cider. It's fantastic and somewhat more seasonally appropriate. The wild cherry brandy is much sweeter than what I used and it needed a little mellowing ;)


Supermom said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

I hope you get sleep soon or we may put off getting together when you get back. Ha Ha!

Give our best to Mr F and your girls.

Us :)

Mrs Furious said...

no worries I tend to focus my homicidal tendencies toward my kin only ;)

Happy Thanksgiving to you guys!

Dana said...

Hang in there, doll. Can't wait to read all about it. :)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Torey said...

I LOVE your family, they're like my family. And I'm like you. Minus the craftiness and the cooking-ness. But I'm the one who always is battling . . . just not on Thanksgiving, which is my favorite holiday.

Hope your day gets better!

Kiki said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the "hiccup" whole Furious clan!!! XOXO!!

Lori said...

Hope your having a
Happy Thanksgiving.
Can't wait to see the
gingerbread castle!
Video would be Fabulous
(Hint, Hint.) ;-)
Enjoy the Sangria.
Maybe it will take the edge off!

Marie said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! If it makes you feel better, while we didn't fight, the cheesecake I made didn't cook right for some reason and was a liquid mess inside of what only can be described as scrambled eggs and cream cheese...YUM (gag, gag). Of course, outside it looked perfect! (something went seriously wrong...i'm blaming the 48 interruptions from the kids while i was trying to make it...)

Heather said...

I had TWO beers and wine with dinner today to cope with my family and the slowest moving husband in the universe "helping" do chores this a.m. Good thing I was dumping my milk anyway!!

julie said...

Love the Baby's run in the kitchen! And her nod that yes, indeed she does know how to say squirrel, but did not actually say it!

P.O.M. said...

Sangria of all types is my fav holiday/family gathering beverage. I, too end up making it with 'what's in the fridge/liquor cabinet.' Cointreau also works well for the brandy. One we used tequilla - not so good.

Hope your fam had a great turkey day.

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