Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Truth

I went into Ann Arbor today. I tried to do it with an eye for the negative, but goddamn it Ann Arbor is factually nicer than Asheville. It was almost astounding to take in. Even the weird strip malls and houses that back in my AA days seemed to sit too close to the road on Stadium looked luxuriously well maintained... and seeing that there are easements with grass and trees EVERY where... were further from the road then any house I've seen in Asheville outside of the Biltmore estate! I mean everything is clean and it stands out like "LOOK AT ME!!!! I DON'T HAVE ANY GRAFFITI OR BOARDED UP (or cracked, or unstaged, etc) WINDOWS!!!" For real folks. I had actually gotten used to Asheville (and I should note that I'm not nearly as upset about being here as I feared... just noting factual differences) so it's almost odd to see things so well kept. Even the highways seem cleaner... if that is even possible. It just makes me wonder even more about what the hell is going on down there. Seriously! I'm driving around in a state that is going through terrible economic times and still things look new and maintained.
I don't know what to tell you other than buy a plane ticket to Asheville drive around the entire metro area and then get one to Ann Arbor and get back to me on your impressions. I'd be pretty surprised if you walk away with a very different take on things.

The good news is that I saw our house and lived through it. I was really worried it would be a horrible grief inducing experience but it was okay. The house looked familiar but it didn't have the "this is the house you brought your babies home to" vibe shouting out at me as we drove by. In fact it seemed small and like a house we had outgrown when I saw it. Kid seemed okay too. I did notice that we left a wind chime on our porch (which I actually always hated) and I felt the strong urge to sneak up on the porch and steal it back.. but I resisted.

That's all for now.

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Mr Furious said...

If you're going for any porch larceny, at least steal the swing...

Mrs Furious said...

that would be a bit hard to stuff in the suitcase...

P/F said...

Dude, we left Ann Arbor for a neighborhood 30 miles away, and the difference here is just as pronounced. The good news: houses are way cheaper here. The bad news: not when we bought ours (oh, and our next door neighbor's house is in foreclosure - trying to feel for her but I'm pissed about my property value).

On the bright side: You get to see the Biltmore decorated for Christmas :)

Jennifer said...

OMG, were you dying to go inside to see what they have done to the place? I would have been like ... knock knock knock .. um hi, I used to live here and I think I left something in the floorboards of the basement .. do you mind if I go get it? lol! I always so curious to see what people have done to their houses.

Preppy Mama said...

Wow that has to be so hard. I don't know if I could go back to our old home I hate the thought of someone else being in our place. I might have stolen back the wind chime!!

julie said...

Don't forget to get some of those chocolate croissants at Trader Joe's while there!

I'm so glad that it wasn't traumatic to be in the old neighborhood...for you or Kid. Is Baby blissfully unaware?

Give Angie a hug for me:)

Mrs Furious said...

"The bad news: not when we bought ours"
I feel you there. Not only did we buy high in AA and sell low but we had to buy high in Asheville. Nothing like talking to our new neighbors in Asheville and finding out that we paid double what they did 4 freaking years ago!!!

I heard she painted the interior crazy dark green... I didn't really want to see that ;)

Preppy Mama,
It was better than I thought... thank God! I was prepared to start crying when I saw it. I'm glad it wasn't too bad since we would like to see our neighbors when we're in town.
I will!

Renee said...

So glad to hear that the three of you arrived without any problems...the pic of Kid and Baby on the plane was too cute-thank god for technology!!!

Also, glad to hear it wasn't too tough on Kid or you seeing your old home....just try not to get too depressed when you arrive back in Asheville but if you do, you know who to call to vent to 'misery loves company' right?!?! :)

Have tons of fun, get some sleep and have a great Turkey day!

See you when you get back....

angie said...

Oh Julie, you are so sweet. We are lucky to see Mrs F today and hope to see her more. Maybe her looking at her house is not traumatic for her. But it is still for me (especially since new neighbor is not very friendly. No borrowing sugar or asking for cooking advice from her). Believe me all you readers, I am so trying to convince the Furious family to move back to Ann Arbor.

Oh--and julie--I had my baby on 10/29 a little boy named Lincoln (Sorry for hijacking the blog Mrs F).

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah I'm kind of worried about how rundown Asheville will seem when I get back!
I'll call you!!

katieo said...

Oh I wish I were home for Thanksgiving this year! (That would also mean I would not be making a turkey.)

Glad the trip hasn't been too traumatic so far.

katieo said...

And Angie, congratulations! I LOVE the name Lincoln!

Anonymous said...

I almost stole my planters from my house in Tampa when I visited after we moved. They were older than me and the new owners weren't even using them. It killed me to just see them there, but the fact that they weigh 20 pounds each got in the way.

Have you shopped at the Earth Fare and other stores in South Asheville and Arden? Is definitely has a vibe you might like more than W. Asheville.

Mrs Furious said...

Michelle S,
Interesting. I did not know there was another Earth Fare!

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