Thursday, February 5, 2009


I have that horrible feeling that I'm forgetting something.

It could be that I just have one thousand things on my plate. Trying to catch up with all the things I haven't been able to do... and now... am able to (mostly).

I am over the hump of the recovery. I'd say that it now feels like what I expected a broken tailbone to feel like. Isn't that encouraging?! (No... seriously... never break your tailbone.) It is now just sore and a nuisance. Which is what you'd expect a little piece of broken spine to be... isn't it? Yes, that is what I thought too. And now finally that is all it is. I go back to the doctor next week. I'm hoping that everything is healing satisfactorily and not that my pain has finally decreased because that bit of spine has given up and is now floating around somewhere deep within my nether regions.

So, now I have about 6 weeks worth of organizing and whatnot to do. I'm sick of the way the kids' room looks like a tornado just touched down and I'm sick of the toppling pile of art supplies that I've never gotten around to reorganizing. I'm trying to tie down a budget and debating going all cash (why am I resistant?).

I've got all of Kid's applications either turned in or due to be turned in within the next week. And (according to Kid's teacher) the teacher who wants childcare does want for me to watch her baby.

So that's a lot. A lot to take in and a lot to prepare for.


Me, Myself and I said...

Well, here's to a productive day for us both.


Mary Poppins said...

so glad to hear you're progressing on all fronts (especially on the healing front). i'm keeping my fingers crossed for you that you'll be able to watch that baby and bring in some extra cash. by the way, i'm having a hard time going to all cash for purchases as well. i can't seem to put my finger on why...

Supermom said... does one wean off the TV?!?

Sounds like a 12 step program.

Marie said...

Ooohh..i hate that feeling like I forgot something.. Glad your feeling better and getting back into your routine! After being out of commision w/ a cold for a few days it seems like it takes forever to catch back up..never mind WEEKS!!

Good luck w/ the tv..its baaaddd here after the girls have a few tv-zombie days.. Lukily the baby has no interest in it at all (though I wouldn't mind a LITTLE interest..c'mon...5 minutes to pee or make dinner..please??)

Staci said...

Glad to hear your butt is feeling better.

I kinda thought it must be when you went and made that snow angel yesterday. :)

Do you have a debit card?

That's what we use. I NEVER have cash on me. Not much we do or purchase that can't be bought with a debit card.

Heck, I forgot a birthday card for a nephew once and ran into the $ store (can you tell that's the only "business" we have here in our small town?)and I used my debit card for a 50 cent card!

First off...I felt lame not having change, but who knew birthday cards would be 50 cents at the dollar store. :P

Good luck to you guys! I hope you can do it. It's very freeing.

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Myself and I,
how's your day turned out? I haven't gotten much done on my list...

I suppose the fact that I don't want to switch to cash is probably a sign that I should.

I try to do it cold turkey... it's painful.
Kid usually gets over it in about 3 days. Baby... I don't know... I always give in to her ;)

"though I wouldn't mind a LITTLE interest..c'mon...5 minutes to pee or make dinner..please??"
Ah... Yes. That is precisely how I got into this mess with Baby in the first place.

Okay I'm going to do it. I'm scared off the debit card... you know.... cause of Mr F. But I think I might start with cash for him and see how he does.
That way I know we won't bounce our checks. That was a problem back in the day... and we CANNOT afford those fees!!

Me, Myself and I said...

I have been VERY productive today. I have: done 7 loads of laundry, folded and put away. Matched socks. Cleaned my bedroom - desk included. The whole thing. Even the drawers. Done dishes. Straightened up the house. And just finished making meatloaf, mashed potatoes, green beans and corn. Oh yeah. And I bathed. And put on good smelly lotion. And did my hair. And put on make-up. (Putting a little effort into night-time... )

So, after supper I have to go clean 3 businesses.

Very good day!

Heather said...

We're a cash only operation. It works. I feel a thousand times more responsible this way.

lucinda said...

Another silly question...Does cash only mean literally caash only or can you use checks?

Robin said...

All it! We went all cash two months ago and it has dramatically decreased our spending. We use debit card or checks for all our bills and for gas (cuz I'm not going to the booth to pay for my gas.) We use cash for everything else. I have it divided into different categories. Groceries, dining, clothing, entertainment, etc. Once it's gone from that category, it's gone. But this way, I don't spend our grocery money on dining out.

We have reduced our spending by hundreds of dollars, and I don't feel like we're doing without. I'm just more conscious of what I'm buying.

Mrs Furious said...

I think checks count as cash. But I was kind of wondering that myself. I mean how would you pay your mortgage?

Me, Myself and I,
I bow to you. :)

I'm scared. Were you scared to do it. I'm wondering if that is just part of the process ;)

Sandcastle Momma said...

We went to cash only a few years ago and it was the best thing that ever happened to us. We cash our check when we get paid and I put exactly enough in the checking account to cover the mortgage and utilities. All other cash stays in hand. The really good thing is that I put just a little extra (sometimes only a dollar or two) in the checking account and hubby never knows it's there so he doesn't spend it and that amount is growing.
Cash only really changes how you grocery shop and any extra spending husbands do because when you see a certain amount in your wallet you know that's all there is and that it needs to last. When you only have a $20 or a $50 left you don't want to break it for something that you don't need.
Good luck!

Robin said...

I was a little scared, but something had to change. We were spending more than we had every month. Our checking account would get low, so I would put some groceries or whatever on the credit card. It was adding up. Now we have enough for everything.

The first time I tried it, I just got a bunch of cash and didn't allocate it to different categories. That didn't work becuase I ran out of money and needed groceries. I know I spent it on crap I didn't need, and there we were with no grocery money. Now I put a certain amount of cash in an envelope for each category. We haven't run out yet.

I am just more aware of what I am spending my money on. I look at prices more. At the end of the month, I end up having to shop with a calculator and weigh my produce, but it has all worked out ok.

Mrs Furious said...

Are you going to go cash? That would be revolutionary.

I'm worried about spending more. Right now we've gotten down to almost no spending outside of food/gas/shelter.... so it is probably a really good time for us to test it out. I'm so tight on the food budget that I'm not likely to run out and might even be able to set aside the remainder. I do worry that if there is any left I'll spend it because it's there. Now I don't see that money and I'm not tempted to go over.

Sandcastle Momma,
You were so right on the money with the 6 weeks!!
Thank you that explains how to deal with cash and the bills. That is what I will do. That way I can still do online payments and save myself from getting back into stamps and whatnot.

Renee said...

"I have a horrible feeling I'm forgetting something" (probably a really stupid question but how do you get this to show in italics?)

I have this feeling everyday! I think the flighty feeling comes from being a stay at home Mom and talking in baby/kid lingo all day...

glad to hear things are progressing all be it too slow for you, I'm least it does sound like you have reached the other side! :)

Staci said...

I understand, about Mr. F. I was scared too with my DH. Like I said earlier...I just tell him how much we have left in the checking. Let me re-phrase that... I tell him the amount I wouldn't mind if he spent...because I know he will. :/

I use checks too. Mostly for the mortgage & truck payment (Oh...and on occasion the boys get hot lunch at school)

All our bills... (cell/phone/internet, energy, car/house insurances) are paid on-line. The insurance policies are a direct withdrawal from our checking account. So that makes it easier for me to do it all DC style.

For me ALL cash means NO CC's. For me it was too easy to spend way too much money. Money we didn't have.

Mrs Furious said...

left carrot, i, right carrot
the quote
left carrot, /i, right carrot

does that make sense?

yes I do finally feel like I'm on the other side of the healing process!!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh you'll think this is funny. I was talking to Mr F about all of this stuff and he said that I should NEVER give him cash. Period.

Staci said...

LOL! At least he knows his limits!

What does he think of using a DC?

I know for us it's easier on DH (& myself) if I just buy EVERYTHING he will need for the week when I get groceries. Really, besides gas & food, what more do they need during the week?

Mrs Furious said...

I suppose that would be the same to him as a CC. My only issue is that when the mortgage is due he needs to stay away from the account. We pretty much have a freeze for 2 weeks until the next paycheck. That makes me nervous. I think I might have to keep cash on hand and give it to him as need per day.
It would be easier if he could just be conscious of his spending then he could get a weekly stipend. But obviously that will not work. The cupcake store across the street from his office is too much of a temptation. ;)

lucinda said...

Not all cash as I shop on line because there are no stores up here but I have been paying cash (or check)for everything else but gas. It is very scarey at the grocery store.

kenady said...

flighty... that's a great way to describe the plight of most mothers:) i am ALWAYS forgetting something. i have little notebooks stashed everywhere (in my purse, in my work bag, on the counter in the kitchen, in the car, on the desk at work, in drawers at the cashwraps at work) all in an effort for me to have a place to write down all of the things i don't want/shouldn't forget:)

so glad your broken butt is mending. and i certainly hope a tiny piece of spine is floating around in your nether regions:)

you are an amazing person, by the by, and i know you will reel it all in and do something fantastic with the kids' rooms and the art supplies:)

kenady said...

oops! I meant that I hope a tiny piece of spine is NOT floating around in your nether region! dear god, i can't even remember how to type!

Robin said...

FYI, my husband doesn't get cash. I keep it in a wallet that stays at home. He gets $40 a month to do whatever he wants with. If he wants to eat lunch out, he has to do it with that money. The dining out envelope is for family meals out.

I don't even carry cash with me. If I am going to the grocery store, I take money from the grocery envelope and go to the store, and put back the change when I get home.

There have only been two occasions in the two months we have been doing this that I have thought, "damn, I wish I had the cash with me." Being a SAHM mom, I know where I am going when I leave the house. ;)

Mrs Furious said...

LOL... don't worry my flightiness allowed me to read it right the first time! ;)

And thank you... If I can figure out how to get these markers organized in a way that keeps Baby out of them I'll deserve a medal ;)

"Being a SAHM mom, I know where I am going when I leave the house. ;)"
So true.

Alright it seems envelopes might be key.

Do you also give yourself a spending allowance or not?

Deb said...

I'm glad you're feeling better.

When you get to the root of the problem on the all-cash issue, let me know. I've been resisting it forever, too, and I can't figure out why.

Robin said...

Mrs. F - I also get $40 a month to do whatever with. We agreed that our dining out envelope would be for family or couple dining. So if he wants to eat lunch or dinner out with the guys, or I want a Starbucks, it comes from that money. I tend to save mine so I can buy nice hair products. :) We have so little in our "toiletry" envelope, I don't want to spend it on expensive hair products.

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