Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Snow Day... Take 2

This time there was actual snow... not much... just enough to close the schools again.

You can see that it ranged from 0-1.5"... so a dusting really. It is however legitimately COLD today. It's noon and the thermometer just hit 12 degrees.

So a full bundling up was necessary to take advantage of the first *real* snowfall we've had here.

Man, I do not miss the 1 hour of tugging and pulling on of 3 layers of snow clothes! Poor Baby was ready first and had to wait broiling in her snowsuit.

The kids were really into making snow angels.

I don't even know how Baby knew what they were but as soon as she got out there she got down and made one.

She even had her little friend make one.

Here's Kid adding hair and eyes to hers.

Hell, even I couldn't resist making one... despite the inherent risks involved in getting down and up in the snow.

It was fun for the 20 minutes we lasted before our nose drips turned into icicles on our faces.

We have a pretty big city yard with a slight slope. I looked everywhere for our sledding sleds to no avail... but Baby did get a couple go 'rounds in our cool old fashioned pulling sled. Kid and I took turns trudging her about.

God, I love that Kid... she really is one hell of a big sister.

It's kind of nice when it is SO cold... you get not complaints when you suggests it's time to head back in and warm up.

I told them we'd come back out later on...

but... I might have been lying.


Renee said...

Ah yes, southern snow day style for sure-just enough to close school, not quite enough to build a snowman....we did get a few sleddding rounds in but then had to come inside because S's cheeks were bright red---BRRRR! Love Kid and Baby's snow angels (Mrs. F's too!)

We have the same pull sled-this is actually only the 2nd time we've been able to use it since moving here-it worked quite well on the road here this morning though!

Now, hopefully, I can convince the kids to stay inside drinking hot cocoa by the fire instead of going back out....

Kiki said...

I was hoping you had had snow, we actually had a dusting here at the beach, practically unheard of. Looks like you all found fun...good for you!

Supermom said...

Looks like you had a really fun time!

Did kid take her kazoo?

Mrs Furious said...

thankfully no... or it might have frozen to her face ;)

ah fire...

we haven't had one of those since we moved here. We've got a wood burning stove coming out of our fireplace and I've afraid Baby will burn herself!

Wow... you all got snow!?!

Mr Furious said...

It's lucky none of you sneezed or you'd have blown all that "snow" away...

Kiki said...

It wasn't even a dusting, but the were spots where it gathered!! It is so cold here though....I've spent my entire day off in my pj's and grazing...about to get on the treadmill though to compensate.

Christy said...

I totally laughed out loud at your comment about it being nice when it is so cold because you get no arguments about going in. And the lying about going back out later ;) I have been known to do that, um, a bunch! Hahaha!

Heather said...

I think Baby's little friend's snow angel was the cutest. ;)

Robin said...

Totally off topic, but my husband just asked me, "so how's Mrs. Furious' ass?"

**snow angels look fun. I've never made one. You need snow first. :)**

Mrs Furious said...

ah yes... a butt update is overdue!

It is getting better. I finally feel like I'm over the hump of the recovery. It is still sore but I can do most things if I'm careful.

as predicted we did not go back out ;)

I am so happy for you that you finally got it up and that you have enjoyed working out so much!!!

I know!!

Elizabeth said...

They promised us snow here. They were salting "The Beltway" whatever that is, some important road in Raliegh I imagine.

I woke up, there was, maybe, some frost on the leaves.

Bah. I used to have to slog through hip high drifts of snow to get to the store in Boston. And I LIKED it!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Baby is so cute with her little baby! We've been busy extracting plastic bb's from our baby's's insane. He is number four and I have never had this issue--it could truly drive me insane! I am praying that we don't end up in the ER with a huge bill...

julie said...

I used to have to slog through hip high drifts of snow to get to the store in Boston. And I LIKED it! LOL!

Mrs F, it must be so funny to you guys that everything closes for that little bit of snow.

Haley said...

Those kiddies of yours are so damned cute. I'm glad you guys got a wee bit of snow to play in!

Mrs Furious said...

"Bah. I used to have to slog through hip high drifts of snow to get to the store in Boston. And I LIKED it!"
Very funny.

It is a joke.
Today was a delay... because it is cold out. Tell me how an hour makes a difference?!

That is hilarious. Does everything get put up the nose? I hope you can manage to extract them yourself!

Me too... it makes a difference to be able to go out and do something on a long day at home!

Anonymous said...

No...or, this is the first we've FOUND, lol. I am worried that one might be stuck where I can't see it--I borrowed my nurse-friend's nose/ear/throat tool (no idea what the term is!), but haven't seen anything...

Deb said...

"I might have been lying"... LOL!!

I'm jealous. I'd like to forget what it's like to tug on all those layers.

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