Monday, February 23, 2009

Help Wanted

I'll be back with my weekly plan tonight. But while you all wait (how can you stand it?!!) I'm giving a Paczki Day shout out.

Tomorrow is Paczki Day and I will be without paczki... which will of course be UNACCEPTABLE.

Does anyone out there have a recipe?

I MUST have paczki.


lucinda said...

Call around to bakeries. there's got to be one that will have them. Whole Foods had them today up here.

Heather said...

uh, what the hell is paczki?

Feener said...

this blogger must have one....i am pretty sure she was born in poland....ask her

Mrs Furious said...

I checked... they don't have them here.

Paczki is a deep fried raised donut filled with jelly or custard. Fantastic. They are made for Fat Tuesday and you can get them all over Southeast Michigan because there is a large Polish pop there.

awesome I'll go ask!!

Julie said...

I saw them today at Publix and I am in TN. I had no idea what they I will go back and buy them!

Mrs Furious said...

Oh that gives me hope. I'm going to go to all the grocery stores tomorrow!
Definitely go back and get them. If they are good ones they are worth it.

P/F said...

We're in MI, but not a big (or little) fan of the paczkis. I wish I could send you mine. I told my husband I'd make cupcakes if we could skip paczkis today. Watching the news this morning, people were lined up at the bakery in Hamtramck since 3am for their fix.

Growing up in PA, we always celebrated Shrove Tuesday with crepes sprinkled with lemon and sugar.

megO said...
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