Friday, February 27, 2009

That Was A Close One

Kid was getting pretty slap happy at bedtime tonight. She was doing her typical over the top impersonation of Baby.

Kid is a BIG fan of exaggerating Baby's newly developing speech turning what is cute coming out of a two year old's mouth into the screeching annoying antics of a retarded robot.

It is not one bit funny to anybody but Kid... for whom it is hilarious.

I smiled and faked my way through a good couple of minutes of her shenanigans but after awhile my patience wore thin.

Fed up I said...


Mr F raised his eyebrows.

I stretched out the "u" as long as I could frantically trying to stop the words as they left my mouth.

"... shhy!" I finished.

I looked up at Mr F, our eyes met, and we began laughing hysterically.


julie said...

screeching annoying antics of a retarded robot lol!

katieo said...

LOL, Julie, I was just about to highlight the same text...

love it.

Mrs Furious said...

I wish I was exaggerating. But we all know nothing is more annoying than fake babytalk.

sometimes my childhood instinct to yell at my siblings to SHUT UP just come bubbling up. That was a particularly close call!

julie said...

One particularly bad moment in the car when we were lost (we were on a road trip...not just a drive to the mall) and the kids were going crazy, I actually did indeed lose it and yelled "shut the f$#ck up" and then looked at Tom and said "I do not know where that came from." The kids were little and had no idea what I said really so no harm. BUT uh, yeah, that was one for the books...too bad I didn't have a blog then.

Phew...glad I got that off my chest.

Julie said...

There should be some sort of instant lock-jaw candy or something, and I do mean for the kids, not for us!(it should probably last at least an hour too) I agree, fake baby talk drives me insane! Nice save Mrs. F!

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