Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Choose Your Own Adventure

For the highbrow go HERE and read this Gourmet Magazine series on Extreme Frugality. It's a really good read (make sure you read them chronologically)

For the lowbrow amongst us.... it is time to get our J &K + 8 gossip on! People, ever since I read all that negative stuff about them I have never quite been able to reconcile my feelings. It's like a train wreck... it's hideous... but I can't look away. Anyway I've been holding it in much too long.

I'm off to the Dr but when I get back I expect some kind of juiciness to be going on in the comments!


Christy said...

I can't watch them. It makes me sick to know that they have what they have, and still go around to churches getting love offerings and lying about their financial situation. To me, that is the worst kind of fraud.

Christy said...

P.S. I put the "low" in lowbrow.

Chrissy said...

Where to start???

Ever since I read all of the comments and found out about the family, the more I cannot stand Kate and feel that Jon is just as snake-like. They are definitely in it together!

With that said, I still watched the show.

Mady and Kara are a bunch of whiney kids that need a good beating. There, I said it. You know you're thinking it, too. :)

I wonder what they're going to do when the cash cow stops and they actually have to work to support their family?

Jon doesn't like being "Jon and Kate + 8" ? Too freakin' bad. You seem to like the $$$ per episode and the $1.2M house you bought with the $$ from the show. You seem to like Kate having free plastic surgery and hair plugs for yourself.

Oh - and the new babysitter probably won't be seen on camera because Kate won't let her, not because she doesn't want to be.

Robin said...

I haven't been watching it since all that business about them came out. I always thought Kate was a bitch, and once I found out about the behind the scenes crap, I couldn't watch it.

But I'll be anxiously reading everyone else's thoughts. I love some good gossip. I did read on Perez Hilton (how's that for lowbrow,) that Jon was spotted out at some college bar flirting with the co-eds.

Christy said...

There was a one page article in a recent People where he doesn't deny going to that bar. Something about he needed a drink because of stress or something. He just denies all the other stuff. Suuure Jon. He is also quoted as saying "Kate's career is taking off." What is career? Exploiting her children?

Staci said...

Can you ladies elaborate on this business that came out?? What are the juicy details??

Like I said...I can only watch the few shows/clips they have on-line.

Where are you guys reading stuff (besides PH?)

Thanks! :)

Jenny O. said...

Not to be shallow, but I don't care for Kate's hair. It always sticks up a little in the back like a rooster, and it appears to have spawned tons of similar haircuts on women. Cute from the front, very odd looking when viewed from the side.

I'm sure there are worse things I could say about her, but the hair really bugs.

Robin said...

Staci - i don't know the links, but there is a post about it in Mrs. F's archives. It was a while back. I'll dig a little and see if I can find it. If not, maybe Mrs. F can let you know when she gets back.

Bi0nicw0man said...

Ah man, I only watched the show for about 5 seconds right before all the shit hit the fan. After that I just couldn't get into it. Mady's temper tantrums drive me nuts, and the way they glorify Kate's bitchiness is so over the top.

I happened to see about 1 minute of a new show the other day, and the only thing I noticed was that John seems to have really pudged up. Must drive Kate nuts since she made such a big deal about him being too fat before!

Staci said...

Thanks Robin!

Julie said...

I just watched what I recorded last night...I agree, it didn't deliver. I swear if I Jon I would have smacked Kate by now. And I am totally on board about her hair! WTF? That haircut is really disturbing. I can't believe it has taken Jon this long to realize what he doesn't like about his "fame." It definitely has its perks...all of the product placement irks me a little...the Allstate stuff was over the top!

Mrs Furious said...

Awesome! Now this is what I'm talking about!!

First off
JennyO... I completely agree... her hair is AWFUL. I can't stand it. Either can Mr F (if that counts for anything). And what is up with their tans? I actually searched to see if anyone else had mentioned it online and I got nada. It looks like they've been tanning. The whole tan/skunk stripe/half in her face half spikey look is bad.

LOL!! I was thinking the same thing re:the nanny. I was just like "yeah right"... if she's on air they owe her more money. Oh and the we have help but we'll never have a nanny line... ridiculous.
"Jon doesn't like being "Jon and Kate + 8" ... yeah I'm feeling ya on this one. You like it plenty when you're snowboarding with the pro.
I'm all for them shutting down the show if they aren't happy just do it... I'm sure it is exhausting at times but you take the good you take the bad.

OH I was horrified to learn about the love offerings... which they do STILL get when they do church engagements. I did read that they demand so many things now that churches can no longer afford to have them come... body guards, first class air fare, etc. I don't care if they make money off stuff but don't pretend you're spreading your faith just call it an appearance and be done with it.

The season has been horrible. It has almost all been about how *hard* their part of being in the limelight has been. Tons of complaining. Well this episode the lead up was an interview session with J & K and them saying "we're having a hard time... but we're working on it". There had been all sorts of gossip about J going out and partying (which I'm sure is just exaggerated gossip ala Star etc) and that their marriage is falling apart. Kate on the other hand is always traveling doing book tours for her 2 books and said she loves her "career"... J is at home 24/7 and feels like she's gained a personal identity and he has lost his. I can see that side of it. He's done with the show and she's not. I have no idea what kind of money they may have and I believe that the production company bought their house not them.

Mrs Furious said...

if you want to read the gossip...

this is an extremely anti site but they do link to everything that comes up.

This is just a fan of the show but she does her take and some links. Not negative. It's good to have balance.

Chrissy said...

Mrs F - that is a very good site! There are comments about the fake tans and people thinking Kate got a boob job! I was thinking the same thing myself last night. I remember when she got the tummy tuck she wanted to do the boobs as well but the Doc said she just needed a good bra.

Mrs Furious said...

Jon has totally gained weight. And in contrast I'll give Kate that she looks great (fit wise).
I can't stand Mady. We started to not let Kid watch it because it was such a bad influence.

Also whenever Kid has watched it I say something like "They fight a lot huh? Do Mommy & Daddy fight like that?" (hey you never know how things are perceived)
And Kid always responds "No... they're really mean."

OH God the Allstate shit?!!... that was ridiculous. It was like watching an Extra Gum spot on BL.

Mrs Furious said...

Word to the boobs.
I've been thinking the same thing. They are different.

I'll have to go search about the tan... it really BUGS me.

Supermom said...

Well, I had to watch cause lil o was watching it.

I too commented on the awful fake tans!! Yuck!!

I also noticed her perky boobs!! She has had to have them "adjusted"! Ha ha!!

It's like passing a car wreck!! You cannot look the other way.

I really would like to hear jon say,"Shut up Kate and let me talk for myself!"

Yep! One bid disaster!!

smellyshelley said...

I really strongly dislike Kate and agree with everything negative said about her here, especially the hair. I think they are trying to get ratings by making it sound like there are major issues, Jon is frustrated...whatever, I really don't feel sorry for them at all. What really pissed me off though was when she took her kids to do art but she picked what colors they could use. And she says "we will never have a nanny" - well just cuz you call her a helper doesn't mean she's not a nanny. Maddy is a total brat.

Christy said...


There was also a blog up by Aunt Jodi's sister. Jodi is Kate's sil and used to help A LOT. Apparently, TLC approached Jodi about possibly signing a contract, committing to appearing on the show and being able to be compensated monetarily for it. According to this blog, Kate went ballistic and would have none of it. Aunt Jodi hasn't been seen since. Jodi even taped a short video that was on the blog, verifying that yes it was her. But undoubtedly she was getting some nasty email and wanted it taken down. I don't know what all is still there but here is the blog:

They lie about a lot of stuff. Like the fact of how much help they were getting. And about their financial situation. That Gosselins Without Pity site is the most informative.

Christy said...

If the production company bought their house, that is STILL them being paid for exploiting their children. They weren't living in shack before

Mrs Furious said...

"What really pissed me off though was when she took her kids to do art but she picked what colors they could use"

That was classic Kate! Can you even imagine doing that? Nutty.

The only time he did say something to her we all had to hear about it OVER & OVER. It's probably just not worth it to him anymore.

I think she took that blog down.
I've always been curious about the Beth background story. I know that in theory the same thing happened to her... but she co-authored (wrote) Kate's book... and I'm surprised that more isn't written about their falling out.

Mrs Furious said...

Oh yeah it's their asset for sure. I just have no idea how much money (cash...not free products) they get paid. And I'm not meaning that they don't get paid a fair amount... I just am curious how much their TLC paycheck is.

Christy said...

I wonder about that too. It would seem like it would leak out somehow, kwim? But then I think it can't be outrageous because TLC has started having other shows that are similar, kwim?

Christy said...

Oh! how I could I not post about her taking photos of the kid's first potty poop and then showing it!!!!!! FREAK.

Missives From Suburbia said...

I don't watch the show, because Kate bugs the ever-livin' crap out of me, and I want to smack Jon and make him grow a spine. But I love reading about them, so you KNOW I'm thoroughly enjoying this thread.

Gourmet... what? I'll have to go back to that later.

Christy said...

It's obvious I have spent WAY too much time thinking about them! hahah!

Seriously, I didn't have a clue until a friend told me about all the rumors and stuff. I was a faithful watcher of their show. Then I did a little research on my own and while I don't believe every bad thing I read, there was enough of certain things that made me believe. So I felt dumb and naive. And nothing makes me more angry than being duped!!!!

A friend went to a local church when they came and my friend went on and on about how Kate pontificated about how hard it was doing this and doing that with all the kids. I asked her did she ever once mention all of the help they have had and continue to have and she said no. Just be honest and I can respect you, but lying by omission does not fly.

**sigh** Geez, I need to get a life!

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