Thursday, March 26, 2009


Today is Kid's turn to go to the dentist. She's been going for the last 3 and a half years... but I'm not sure she's technically gotten a cleaning. She's not a big fan of strangers... and is understandably reluctant to let them stick sharp tools in her mouth.

Well she's got quite a few of her permanent teeth in now and I think a cleaning is in order. So she's going. I gave her a couple of days notice.

I thought I'd butter her up with some juicy and enticing tidbits about her new dentist... "She has a little baby" I said enthusiastically.

I didn't notice the kind of relief I thought that should merit so I stretched a bit with...

"And the baby does the cleanings!"

Kid's faced became aglow with wonder and amazement.

Yeah that's what I'm talking about!

"Really... the baby does it?" Kid asked excitedly.

"Yeah... the dentist holds the baby up and the baby sticks all the tools in your mouth." I replied giving a good eyebrow waggle that we all know negates any truth to my statement.

Or does it?

I'd kind of forgotten about my whole little embellishment (if you will) until yesterday afternoon when Kid asked me about the baby dentist.

"Oh yeah ... it's going to be CRAZY." I replied.


julie said...

oh my god, that is so funny!

I am totally laughing.

Staci said...


I can't wait for an update! I'm sure Kid will have a few things to say. ;)

Haley said...


I like how she trusts a baby to wield sharp instruments more than she does an adult.

How much you wanna bet this is a story she tells her college friends one day to bond over their wacky parents? :)

Komal said...

We aren't that bad:) It is amazing though what parents tell their kids to got to the dr/dentist..and it works:)

Mrs Furious said...

What's funny is we got there.. and she never brought it up. She just went and got her teeth cleaned.

It helped that they have a TV screen and play a movie about animals going to the dentist. Other than xrays which she didn't get since she couldn't bite on the wing she complied with everything.

Wait until we go to the orthodontist... that won't be as pleasant.

Mrs Furious said...

she's just as apprehensive about the doctor too. So you're not alone ;)

angie said...

What's the scoop with the orthodontist? what's wrong? Is this something that needs to be fixed, like now, or in 5 years?

Mrs Furious said...

Now. She needs her palate widened.. I had, my brother had it and I think all his daughters. First they do that and then they do braces. She's getting her teeth early so she's probably going to have braces in the next two years. They do it much younger these days.
But I had not thought it would be so soon. That's some serious $$ we hadn't really been planning on.

Christy said...

It is so bizarre that I think my daughters are so much like yours. My oldest, Chloe (8), went to teh dentist SEVERAL times before she would even think about letting them in her mouth. The dentist we finally ended up with just said that some kids have VERY personal space and Chloe is one of them. AND 2 of my 3 have a crossbite and need to see an orthodontist.


Mrs Furious said...

honest to God this is the first full cleaning she's had (without acting like a total freak) and it's 7th time at the dentist!!! I feel for her but I hate having to go through her whole antics every time. Of course Baby is there chomping at the bit to get in the big chair and have her teeth cleaned! ;)

Christy said...

OMG I TOTALLY relate. I haven't even taken Chloe as often as needed just because I couldn't deal with the drama. I even threatened her last time that if she acted like a fool, I would leave. :) Mother of The Year I tell ya!!!

My middle daughter, Mia (4), hopped right up there and let them do whatever they wanted.

The baby, Stella (2), is more like chloe and we had to hold her down just for them to look. Her lips were cracked and started bleeding so it looked like a crime scene!

Mrs Furious said...

Hahahaha... that sounds exactly like Kid!
She can really "regress" around new/stressful situations.

Kiki said...

So...I was totally traumatised(sp?) by the dentist as a child...they had to pull a few of my baby teeth because they would not fall out on their own....they tried to numb the area with a needle...which was painful...and then didn't wait for it to be in full effect before they started, they had nurses hold me down and my mom could hear me screaming in the waiting room.....AWFUL!!! Then after that debacle they had to expand my palate twice because the first time wasn't enough....braces in high school made me super popular (insert sarcasm here). After years of teeth drama I still get anxiety ridden when I have to go...they usually give me a little something to take the edge off...nice, I have to be medicated at 39 to get my teeth cleaned.

A baby cleaning my teeth would have preferable to what I had to endure, so I kind of get how Kid must feel. I love that you prepped smart!!!

Christy said...


Chloe has been VERY slow to lose teeth. That's one of the reasons I haven't taken her back for a checkup since last summer. i just know they are going to pull some teeth. I wonder if it would be acceptable for me to bring her in with alcohol on my breath??

Mrs Furious said...

Oh Kiki,
That made me cringe just reading it!

When I had my expander... when they removed it... one of molars got yanked out with it! It was totally traumatizing. I'm sure it was a fluke but I've always though of the expander as being incredibly barbaric because of that.

nothing wrong with self medication ;)

julie said...


I was missing a bunch of adult teeth as a kid and they pulled the baby teeth out when I was in 8th grade...right before braces. My youngest is missing the same teeth. He is 7 and they have not even broached the subject of pulling any teeth yet.

My kids have gotten teeth and lost teeth very, very slowly. Maybe that is what's going on with your daughter.

I still chuckle when I think of a baby doing the cleaning.

How much you wanna bet this is a story she tells her college friends one day to bond over their wacky parents? :) Haley, LOL!

Christy said...


No, they said they would pull them. They want to get her in braces soon.
She didn't get her first tooth until she was 13 months old and she didn't lose her first tooth until last summer, right after she turned 8. She will be 9 in May and has only lost 3 teeth. And even after she loses them, they are VERY slow to come in. Like, it took around 6 months for the first one. My mil says it runs in their family.

Mrs Furious said...

when you get your teeth is definitely genetic.

That is so interesting because Kid has lost more teeth than anyone else in her class (and she's not the oldest). They just keep dropping out of her mouth. Which is why I'm not terribly surprised that the orthodontics will come sooner for her.

I had teeth that didn't fall out and my permanent teeth came in like shark teeth on top. I had to get some pulled. And I needed braces. We have crammed mouths in my family.

julie said...


Ugh! They said they were going to pull them?! I thought maybe you were just thinking they might soon. Good luck with all of that...that bites.

Kiki said...

Christy, Alcohol on your breath, I'm pretty sure they won't say a word...I'm pretty sure if my mom had had alcohol in the house she might have tried to slip some in my juice cup!! Just kidding. (she gave it to me straight...again,kidding)

Mrs F, that is unbelieveable that a molar came out with expander...that might have pushed me over the edge!!!

Missives From Suburbia said...

OMG! I'm dying over here! I wonder if she didn't ask about it because she knew you were pulling her leg or if she thought it was so absurd she was too embarrassed to ask the dentist about it.

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