Saturday, September 19, 2009

This Weekend Is Getting Off To A Rough Start

After 2 weeks of deadlines for Mr F (which means virtually no down time with us or sleep)... he is devoting this weekend to his "project". Which means... virtually no down time or sleep.

I, of course, am hardly doing any better.

Ever since returning from our trip this summer Baby wakes up a MINIMUM of two times a night with nightmares. Nightmares not night terrors. Even if I don't have to settle her back to sleep... it wakes me up. Which means I'm running on 2 (maybe 3) hour stretches of sleep. And I'm suffering.

It's been 7 years since I slept through the night.

I'm ready.

On top of that I seem to have gotten a stomach bug. I woke up in the night barely able to walk. I couldn't find the door to my bedroom and couldn't keep myself from toppling over. I thought I was going to knock myself unconscious. No fever. But something isn't right. I'm staying in my pajamas today.

Kid meanwhile has her first homework assignment. She's more than a little stressed out about it. Someone grant me patience... cause it's running thin around here.

As if it isn't bad enough that I'm tired and sick and Mr F needs to work (at top level concentration... because... Sweet Jesus... get me out of here) and that Kid has been sulking around doing homework (it's a Saturday for the love of God... and she's 6!!). But it's also "Tom Swayer Day" at Kid's school. The day we have to shlep mulch or fix things around the school... in return they credit back some of your money ($10/hour).

Well, obviously, we need to max that credit out. Of course today is just not a good day for this... alas... Mr F had to go (and sign me in even though I'm not going... shhh... hey... they owe me 3 hours for sewing last month and I intend to collect!). I'm really needing a break and it's depressingly obvious that that isn't happening for me this weekend.

To top this morning off as I went to pop their highly debated movie in for the girls ("My Web"... as Baby cutely calls it), so they'll leave me in peace, our damn DVD claims it can't read it. So... I am valiantly offering up my computer.

And that is the greatest sacrifice of all!

So if you're wondering where I am... I'm in my chair... trying to stay hydrated... trying to block out the sounds of bickering children... and eating a bucketful of animal crackers.

P.S. Thanks to everyone who has commented this week. I am sorry that I haven't returned everyone's comments. I've been stretched to about my breaking point time and energy wise this week. I did read them... and always... greatly appreciate the time and effort you make to leave them! I'm hoping I'll be back to normal soon!! And I'm hoping we'll have word on our developments with in a few weeks. At which point I will share them... good or bad.


Claire said...

Clicked on your April 20th blog - guess I missed it - it is priceless!! I'm praying that you get a good night soon!

Kelly said...

Hope you feel better soon!

lucinda said...

We're off to a square dance at the Johnson Farm. I think Popi would rather have stomach flu and small bickering children. I'm holding my breath again. This time hoping you get a solid night's sleep.

Mrs Furious said...

even if one of them just got kicked in the face... on... purpose? cold packs and "Max & Ruby house!!!" ensue.
At least there will be drinks at the square dance. Is cougar going?

thank you... me too!!

I hope I do. I hate going through on the weekdays! It's too much to cope with.

Supermom said...

Oh goodness!!!

I am sorry to read you aren't feeling well!!!!!!

I hope that you are able to catch some rest and Mr F can work some as well on his project!

Rest up!!!! We leave in the AM. See you soon!

<3 Supermom

TotallyFried said...

I got stressed out reading the your blog today so I can only imagine what your weekend must have been.

I hope you feel real better real soon!!

Kiki said...

Wait...what beach?? Mine?? Wilmington?? Charleston??? Ack, let me know!! Hope things settled down for you a little and hoping you feel better. Soon!

lucinda said...

Cougar attended but did not stay to dance.

inkelywinkely said...

Hope thing slook up...B is fixing the fridge to see if they hundreds of bucks we shelled out four years ago and decided against the warranty was a big stupid mistake...everything was sweating in there this cross your fingers for me. On the good news front, I finally went under 140 lbs- a first in about 6 years! Yay!! Just found out about 5 minutes ago that I am at 139. LOL... so, here's for hoping that I can keep doing good with this. I haven't been workign out, even though I need to, so this is all form just calories. I would like to get to a place where I can feel healthy and not worry about it, which would be around 120-125 and then I wont worry about what I eat and just maintain with exercise... That would be a dream.
So, keep your fingers crossed for me, and I will send some good vines up north to your direction. :)

Mrs Furious said...

I'm going to meet up with local friends who've got a week at Folly Beach. I'll call you.

You can do it! you're going to feel great!

Ah... then I did a good job of writing it up ;) Today was thankfully much more restful.

Kiki said...

Oh stink, I think Folly is no where near! Call me anyway, you know I love a chat!!!

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