Friday, November 6, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

You know what to do.


Kelly said...

My husband had a short check this week, so after we payed the closing costs on our house, we have almost no money. I'm currently trying to figure out just how far I can trim down our grocery budget and still have enough food. I hate money!!!! Money especially sucks when you dont have enough!

wootini said...

H1N1... need I say more?


Torey said...

My. Kids. Don't. Sleep.

I had to teach a class this week that required me to be 45 minutes away at 7 AM two days this week. AND I had to drop my kids off at my Mom's about 1/2 way there. Yeah, two nights of less than 4 hours of sleep and I'm not really on my A-game.

Beta is still getting over being sick and it's so nerve wracking.

Don't worry, there are 2 more days of class next week.

Ms. Flusterate said...

Oldest daughther sent home from college with H1N1 and has now missed 2 weeks of very expensive education (and is not really the type of kid to actually make up homework). So...WORD, Emily (wootini)

Trying to quarantine her from the rest of the family. Good times!

Elizabeth said...

Boss Lady's crazy was so over the top this morning, when I was by myself in the the shop again I cried, angry wracking sobs of FURY.

Gigs said...

My youngest son has just been preliminarily diagnosed with dysgraphia, spelling apraxia, some ADD and possilble Aspergers. I have to spend $1200 (insurance not accepted) to get a full neuropsych exam done, which I need to do if I want his school to admit there are any learning disabilities. (We have been trying to get the school to acknowledge issues with him for four years, so we're hoping this will be the "proof".) We are having a difficult time with his teacher this year, who he feels does not like him and makes him feel stupid every day. He performs at or below grade level even though he has an IQ in the gifted range. I am so stressed out about all of this that I have contracted shingles, with a lovely and painful rash that broke out on Tuesday and continues to worsen. And my working hours are in overdrive as I am trying to do my job and also cover for our production artist, who is out on maternity leave, because God forbid we get a freelancer to help out...

Thanks, Mrs. F. for the format to vent... Things can only get better, right?

MaryLaura said...

Parades in NYC, screw getting lunch in under an hour or ridding the train without being in an armpit.

dasnowz said...

i am sick. i have a math test. i have a 12 page paper due. my kids are driving me nuts. i need a nap.

inkelywinkely said...

okay, short bitch this week as all in all, it wasn't as bad as usual.

We are supposed to get Punk Thursday. We get a call saying don't pick him up at school, he is getting checked out early and being brought to the dr...okay, no biggy.

4:30 rolls around and stupid ass is beating on my front door, pissed off. She didn't have time to bring him to the doctor, and couldn't find one to bring him to (save that for a later date it's so dumb), even though she had time to get her nails and hair done and had time to shop for new shoes....whatever.

But, here's the kicker. She is pissed at us because she didn't get him and he sat at school and no one picked him up.

Remember, she said NOT to pick him is that our fault?

Then, he gets here and is sick with the sniffles and could we just keep him the weekend?? She "can't handle him when he is sick", he has been here three weekends in a row, which is great and all, but what about the money we send her every month because she is supposed to have him? I am buying groceries for the tHREE of us, all meals of the day, including snacks and drinks for 30 bucks a month, and sending her half my income...but she can't help out any? Hey, why don't you let me give you a couple bucks to cover his dinner since I sprung this on you? Any of that? We would have helped her when he lived with us...if she hadn't abandoned him and not told anyone and moved out of state FOR THREE MONTHS, only to come back when we stopped sending her money for child support.

I don't get some people.

And, there is a big festival going on, and kids are out of school for it and everything...but we cant afford to he got one of his christmas presents...sort of the best one too, just to give him something to do while he has to lay in he has VERY little left....URG.

Mrs Furious said...

"Money especially sucks when you dont have enough!"
Sorry you guys are in such a tight spot!

everyone or you? I don't know if it's the blog perspective, since everyone is all over the country, but it does seem like a disproportionate number of people I know of ARE getting this. I'm getting nervous.

I feel you.

Ms Flusterate,
"and is not really the type of kid to actually make up homework"
I hope the quarantine works!

God I hate her for you. I hate people like that. How bad does it have to get before you'll quit? I'm serious.

Been there done that. The subway can be an efficient mode of transportation... or...HELL.

Oh I'm sorry. Shingles are supposed to be incredibly painful! It is so frustrating to hear about all the school bureaucracy bullshit. I hope this gets him the help he needs! And that you feel better soon.

every week you remind me that I don't really want to go back to school! ;)
Hope you feel better soon.

' as all in all, it wasn't as bad as usual."
Okay that made me LOL.
It's sad that this is what it has come to for some of us. No longer even hoping for a *good* week... just not as *bad*.

inkelywinkely said...

LOL..yes, stinking week without one of the following happening:

a. being woke up by the ex calling hubby's phone CONTINUOUSLY over something dumb.

b. noticing that I have gained almost five whole pounds and not giving two shits about it.

c. drinking an entire bottle of wine in two days. LOL

d. having my dishwasher make the dishes dirtier than they were initially

e. having a child make me feel like abusing them.

::sigh:: to have a day without those things happening would be so great..I know I don't have much to complain about, compared to all the things that are turning people's lives around..but, geeze, a break already would be's like a low grade fever..nothing I can't live through, but dam, it's a bummer. Put me in the hospital or go away already, ya know?

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