Tuesday, November 3, 2009

It's Amazing How Much Weight You Can Gain In One Week

To put things in perspective I'm still full... from yesterday.

I blame the candy corn.

And the pumpkin bread.

And the family in town who took us out to eat... EVERY DAY.

And the not working out due to said family.

Unfortunately, history tells me, it will take at least 3 weeks to reverse the process.

Never before have I wanted to do one of those fasting cleanses. NEVER!

But, today, waking up full... the very site of food disgusting me... I'd almost do it.

Instead I'll just drink a couple of cups of coffee.

Maybe it will have the same results.


Shirls said...

ah! nothing like the "coffee clean out" ;0)

a couple of years ago I did a cleanse, a "mild one" 7 days, and since that time I can't predict my cycle at all anymore!! Seriously you use to be able to set a clock to my cycle now its freaking all over the ice.. damn it!

Rah said...

thanks for the mail-got it yesterday:)

i am NOT getting on the scale, but I KNOW i have gained weight. i ate so many halloween m&ms yesterday, i seriously could have vomited. i knew i was full half way through the candy bowl, but i kept on going. ugh

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously? That is freaky.
My brother does them periodically and they make him *mean*... starving doesn't bring out the best I guess ;) That has always made me wary of trying them myself.

Oh good I'm glad you got it! :)

That's me with the candy corn. When something is making you sick but you still can't stop?... that's when you know you are in over your head. I should have just thrown that stuff out!

Smitty said...

So I finally got sick of being OK with being 215 pounds. I'm a thick kid anyway, so I hide it well, but constant heartburn, aching knees, and 3 kids who get faster and faster every day were taking a toll on me.

I don't need to lift to be bulky any more; I'm not in the Marines any more and the last time I played football was college.

Most of all, I don't need to EAT like I am still in football or the Marines. I am not burning 4000-5000 calories worth of food every day.

So I am embarking on the No More Fat Elvis Campaign. Elvis was fun. He could have had a lot more fun. But instead, his heart exploded on a toilet. Not for me. No More Fat Elvis.

So far, and I hope this is good news, I have lost 7.5 pounds in 3 weeks.

Discipline. Smaller portion sizes. Limit processed sugar. Mrs. Smitty and I, via a Nintendo DS, use pedometers. My daily step goal is 12,000 steps. In order to reach that, I *have* to jog or go on walks and use the stairs every chance I get.

No More Fat Elvis! Wish me luck!

(on my blog about beer, food, pop culture and anger, I can't talk about my weight loss campaign, so thanks for giving me a forum, Mrs. F!)

Mrs Furious said...

"(on my blog about beer, food, pop culture and anger, I can't talk about my weight loss campaign, so thanks for giving me a forum, Mrs. F!)"
LOL! My pleasure Smitty :)
7.5 in 3 weeks is good work. Maybe you'll inspire Mr F.

julie said...

Smitty, GO YOU! awesome.

Mrs F, totally have been there.

Shirls said...

I guess guys don't have a keeping on a cycle issue ;0)

I do have to say though, I was far from hungry, seriously I ate a lot was full and more than satisfied, I think it was the drug part of it that wasn't good, all that cleaning your colon pills...

trifitmom said...

you know they have that one radio ad about how it will clear the intestines of a spackle like bunch of crap....that makes me want to do a cleanse, i mean i am sure i got lots of spackle in me body ....can you guess who i am ??? i changed me name

ronald mcdonald knows me well

Mrs Furious said...

you know what is funny?.. I just got home from McD's when I read this. I was driving around eating my McDouble no cheese... thinking about how freaking delicious it was. I was literally thinking that if I had ordered it at a fine dining restaurant I would have been perfectly pleased.

Ah he did not do a drug cleanse. He does the crazy lemon w/ cayenne & maple syrup. He had definitely gone off the deep end into starvation land.

Heather said...

been there. Having eaten an entire small loaf of bread with olive oil Sunday night, I felt whale-ish yesterday morning. My strategy is to low-carb it, drink tons of coffee, and eat something that um, has a cleansing effect. Hummus + vegetables always do it. I feel better in a few days.

But damn those Reese's PB cups were so freaking good.

Me, Only Better said...

I need a freaking intervention - I can't stop eating candy. Help me.

Claire said...

I was so tired of eating out of control that on Monday I started the 3 Day American Heart Assoc. Diet - then I'm going to the 4 Day Wonder Diet that I have saved from an old Ladies Home Journal Mag June 1985 - and then I'm going to finish up with The All-You-Can-Eat Soup Diet from Good Housekeeping Mag Jan 2000 issue - and hopefully by that time I will be charge of my food and not my food in charge of me. I have 60 lbs to lose and all I can think of is if someone asked me to carry a 60 lb sack of potatoes around all day would I do it????? Thanks for listening.

P/F said...

I know that it's intervention time for me when I start eating chocolate chips out of the bag.

It's intervention time for me.

P.O.M. said...

I ate about 6 peanut butter cups in one sitting. Then I started in on the SKOR bars. Not pretty. Espeically since I hvae not exercised since my marathon WEEKS ago. HELP!

Mrs Furious said...

At least you ran the marathon. If you divide that up over the last several weeks you've still got me beat!
I'm coming back on Monday with a vengeance (I hope).

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