Thursday, November 5, 2009

I Don't Know What It Is (scratch that... I do know exactly what it is)

I'm feeling a bit lackluster and tired.

The time change is kicking my ass for one thing.

And we're coming off of a week of guests. Which was great.... but... meant a lack of personal downtime and that starts to add up and ramp up the exhaustion factor.

Especially since there was the all night babysitting gig thrown in there. I haven't recovered. And it isn't that I'm not used to being woken in the night. I haven't had more than a 3 or 4 hour stretch of sleep in 7 years (LITERALLY PEOPLE). It had more to do with my nervousness about it not being my baby. In the end I just couldn't sleep because I was waiting to be woken up. (Oh and I did not get paid extra by the way!)

So it is with great pleasure that I announce that we are driving to the beach TONIGHT. We've got a comp hotel for two nights and Kid happens to have tomorrow off. So we're hitting the road after I'm done babysitting tonight and meeting up with Kiki and her family tomorrow! We're all very excited to have a little mini vacation and to take a breather... reorganize our minds... and brainstorm some life solutions on our drive down and back. (It is REALLY nice to have a dvd in the car... it allows for HOURS of adult conversation up in the front seats!)

P.S. Have no fear Bitch Fest Friday will go up as scheduled!

P.P.S. I'm leaving my computer AT HOME.


Shannon - said...



Karen said...

I hope that you can unwind and enjoy yourself. Have a great time F family.

Supermom said...

Have a safe trip!!!!!!! ENJOY!!!!

workout mommy said...

have a great trip, you deserve it!

(and seriously, she didn't pay you extra for keeping him overnight?! I would have paid you quadruple!!)

G in Berlin said...

I'm confused- did she not pay you anything from midnight to pick-up or did she just pay you a regular wage per hour? I am still trying to figure out what a reasonable rate is- what do you think? If we pay 8E an hour, the kids go to bed at 8 pm, what should we pay for an overnight and 8-9 am pick-up (or, with her sleeping here on our pull-out)?
Can you tell that I would actually like to party one night in my life? And clubs open at midnight here:(.

Jenny The Bold said...

Not sure if you put this out there or not-but did the in laws visit for Kid's birthday?

Mrs Furious said...

She paid me my regular wage which is $7/hour (which is LOW for here). I think overnight $10/hour. I don't know what that works out to in euros. Honestly $100 would be great.

No the in laws did not visit. My dad& his wife and my mom & her husband both came.

Mrs Furious said...

Thanks everyone! We're looking forward to it. AND there is a little bit of good news that I'll share when we get back! (a little intrigue for you)

Me, Only Better said...

Have a super great time while you are away! Enjoy and relax!

wootini said...

Have a great time!

And you've got to check this out:

There was a feature on the Today show recently about a family who sold their house and have taken to life on the road in an RV - I immediately thought of you!


julie said...

But did the in-laws call Kid on her birthday? Send a gift?

Have a wonderful time at the beach. Soak up Kiki's love. I know she is so good for that. She always makes me feel so great just from her uplifting comments.

Love to you all!!

PS I have not been able to watch the video yet so maybe my questions are answered in that.

Kiki said...

Julie, I hope you know that you would absolutely be welcome here....I'm so thrilled that the Furious family will be here, I plan to make it as EASY and RESTORATIVE as I can!!!!! The beaches here are really wonderful, so I get to see Kid and Baby, who I haven't seen in over a year-I'm psyched about that!

This time they get to meet my introverted husband and my rowdy mom....also Mormor (Nana) and my Auntie!!!

All are welcome anytime, I love company!!! Yay for the Furious hurry up and get here!!!

Kiki said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
julie said...

Thanks Kiki:)

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