Friday, November 13, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

Feeling like this?

We understand.


Marie said...

No bitch today, but just love the picture and caption!! Have a good one.

Mrs Furious said...

Right after that she threw her pacie at me. She did not wake up on the right side of the bed ;)

inkelywinkely said...

Two words.

Ex. Wife.

That is all..haahaah...seriously, even I am tired of bitching about her, so I know you are tired of hearing about her.

Anonymous said...

I feel like I will NEVER lose the 7lbs I have to lose to reach my goal....NEVER!!! So frustrated.

lucinda said...

Jumped ut of the car and so glad to be home until I realized there was a giant rotting deer in the backyard that we had to "take care of"

Elizabeth said...

Yes. Yes I do.

Has it really been a week since the 'great furniture moving bitchfest'?

because every day has been torture.

Seriously considering quitting and becoming a secretary or elementary school teacher or garbage man or something.

Must look up UNC's 'hostile work environment' policy.

On the plus side, the play is really good.

It's a Dickensien epic about poverty, child abuse, sexual harrassment, and it ends with a rousing musical number.

No. Really. It does.

Torey said...

Guess who has a sick baby again???? That's right, ME!

I had to go to my class on Tuesday and couldn't send the kids to the sitter (a friend with kids) cause Gup had a fever the night before. So N stayed home with both kids (on his birthday) and I went to class. Got home, Beta was burning up. 104.2, Tylenol, 103.9 HELLLOOOO Urgent Care (which was like a Freak Show. . .seriously, where do these people come from?!) Massive double ear infection. (and I come home to a pukey husband. . .on his birthday. . .poor thing. Insert anxiety attack here)

Antibiotics and Beta AT CLASS with me ALL DAY Wednesday(including the car seat check), off work Thursday as the whole house has to be fever, puke and poop (which thankfully we avoided) for 48 hours before we can return to work. BUT everyone is healthy again. A little runny nose, no biggie. I can return to work on Saturday after almost 2 weeks off.

Beta has the cough til she pukes. Seriously??? HELLLLOOOOOOO Pneumonia. . .again. . . or still. . .not really sure.

Where's the vodka?

Karen said...

Both kids home sick with hubby. He is off today and so not happy about being the nursemaid today. LOL.

Receptionist at work is pissed at me about something I told her on Thursday, that is her job and she knows how to do yet asks me about all the time. I just let her know that it is her job. She hasnt spoken to me in a day. Which can be a little uncomfortable since we are right on top of one another.

dasnowz said...

school still sucks. More tests and papers due. 2 kids home sick this week. Husband fell this morning and might of torn something in his knee. That was a fun er trip today. I am off to nap. I have had enough reality today.

Supermom said...

I have a something to BITCH about.

Target only had an XXL in your sweater skirt today while I was there!!!!!!


BsOnlyToots said...

I have nothing to bitch about, but also wanted to comment on Baby's pic! Fisrt I love the 'tude she is showing! And second .. 2 of my kids asked if it was Chloe (our youngest) and Chloe said, "Awwwww wook at meee!!!" lol

Claire said...

I've had to work every night this week until 7 - 7:30 pm trying to work out the glitches in the Newscape program we're using - the other person I work with has all this vacation time that she hasn't used up yet - so between now and Christmas she is going to be off a lot - and it is one of my busiest time - they've laid off so many people and consequently we are swamped --- constantly!!!

Kiki said...

I had to turn down a current employee for a full time position in my store....I didn't deliver it well and she got...well...mad. I feel peace about my decision but feel awful having to turn her down....I'm just glad this week is over.

I miss you guys...can you come back?

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