Saturday, November 14, 2009

Hide And Seek

Baby was copping a serious 'tude tonight. For whatever reason she wouldn't go to bed and was acting all pissed off. 

Mr F and I ignored her. 

After a half an hour or so we hadn't heard any sound coming out of her (and our episode of The Office was over) so we got up to see what she was up to...

You'll have to use your xray goggles... but it you look really hard you should be able to spot her. I shoved my camera in that tiny crack between the egg chair and it's orange top.  And of course I couldn't turn the lights on or use the flash.  Just imagine you are looking at an ultrasound... 
If you try REALLY hard you should be able to make out her pink monkey PJ top and the white circle of her pacie above that.

She curled up like she was in the womb and fell asleep. Unfortunately she lodged herself in there upside down with her head holding the top shut.

I would have left her in there, but I imagine that when her nightmares start in a couple of hours (yes nightly people) it won't help matters for her to be stuck inside a giant red egg.  


inkelywinkely said...

That's just crazy. LOL..Only your children, right?

Amy said...

yeah. why does this type of thing never happen to my children? my 5 year old has NEVER spontaneously fallen asleep anywhere. it's so unfair!

Andrea said...

Thats funny, my lil one scared the shit out of me last night put her to bed went to check on her an hour later not in bed look under bed not there open closet dark in there turn on light she is under a towel in the back corner lovely kinda wanted to strangle her but at least she was safe :)

Mrs Furious said...

If it makes you feel better it was 10:35 when she finally feel asleep in there.

I do make 'em weird.

that would have given me a heart attack!

inkelywinkely said...

Oh, Mrs. F, it's cool. LOL..atleast yours isn't having issues deciding if he wants to be a "black lawyer" or Zakk Wylde when he grows up.. "but, ima have big ole macho tattoo of Dimebag Darrell Abbott on me somewhere.." Yes, he is ALMOST seven. I have no idea what I am going to do. LOL. He fluctuates between adorable child, some weird psuedo- teen, and and a REALLY cool person. :)

Yesterday, he was running around singing "behind these walls" by Serj Tankian and "Would" by Alice in chains and talking about how he was going to be ultra cool and work in a pizza shop one day, then today, woke up and decided to be a complete and total brat. LOL.

I can never win. :P

BsOnlyToots said...

OH my gosh! that is so cute! My kids do weird stuff like that .. The other day, Chloe (who is Baby's age) got too quiet and I was calling her and could har her say "Mommmmeee" is a teasing come find me kinda tone. I followed the sound and went into the garage, but she wasn't out there, on the way back in through the laundry room, I hear her snicker and say "mommeee tant pind meee" She had gotten into the dryer and was sitting all the way back in it LOL I walked right by on the way out and didnt notice her there! It was hilarious! Chloe and Baby would have a blast being goofy together!

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