Sunday, November 15, 2009

Party Prep

The infamous shared 7th birthday party is today.  I am sure I will have plenty of hilarious updates for you all after that.

For now I'll give you a glimpse at what we've come up with..

Gift bags:
marble (kids like marbles it's just a fact)
small pencil (you know the 80s kind where you can pull the tips out)
eraser (two for one here... leftover from Kid's halloween at school)
7 bead necklace (Kid laid out the patterns and I strung them)

(Yes Kid wrote her name in a different style on EVERY bag... it only took her 2 days to do it)

The grand total for 20 gift bags was $15 and that included the cost of the beads.

The cake:
Kid told me last night that she wanted unicorn cupcakes.  Here is the deal some things like that are actually easier not done in miniature.  I played around and realized I could build a primitive unicorn off of the number 7 which made it's lack of realism intentional (I'm no dummy).
Take a 7 

Add a mane

And a horn

And an ear & a nonpareil for an eye

And you've got a perfectly adequate unicorn.

Kid came in and said "That's not exactly what I had in mind."

You're welcome.

I also made gluten free brownies with chocolate buttercream.

I used the new Betty Crocker gluten free mix which I found in my regular grocery store.  It was really good.  It tasted exactly like the old Gluten Free Pantry mix (which IMO is the best mix around).  These were indistinguishable from regular brownies.  I froze them as soon as they were cool (I have found that gluten free baked goods dry out really fast).  I'm just going to pull the plates out when we leave for the party and they will thaw on the plates in time to serve them.


sara said...

The unicorn cupcakes are genius!



sara said...
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Claire said...

I agree with Sara!!! I am really impressed - you're the best!!! Kid probably wanted the WHOLE unicorn galloping across a meadow with a mountain range in the backround and the sun setting with at least 14 colors in the sunset - you get a gold star from all of us for this!!!

lucinda said...

I agree the unicorn sevens are amazing! Hury home to blog about the party. Inquiring minds are dying to know.

Supermom said...

We had a great time at the par-tay!! The unicorn cupcakes were fabulous and I want more of the chocolate brownies! Like now!!!

inkelywinkely said...

wow, good job!! You did great.

Please tell Ruby happy Bday form Blaine. :)

michelline said...

I loved the cupcakes. Well done.

julie said...

Gorgeous...all of it!

I hope Kid had the best day ever! And that you enjoyed it so much as well!

Me, Only Better said...

Hope it was fun!

angie said...

great cupcakes!! so clever! hope she had fun! and that you survived.

wootini said...

I love the cupcakes! I am totally going to steal them for my daughter when she turns 7 this summer. Thanks for the idea! :)

Can't wait to hear more about the party.

Happy late birthday Kid!


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