Friday, November 20, 2009

Bitch Fest Friday

It's that time again.

I cannot even get into all the stuff I have to juggle right now. I just made it through my first hurdle: laying the baby down... while keeping two toddlers quiet & out of the room (without the use of moving pictures). I can't believe I did it... but I did. Now I need to make a corn pudding that I need to drop off at Kid's school in two hours and watch her performance & attend her potluck with 3 kids under 3. That's just the first couple of hours of my day...
I officially need less responsibilities and more sleep.

Okay now it is your turn.

(P.S. The giveaway post is still running. I think I might leave it up through Thanksgiving... seeing as some new found embarrassments might arise. Stay tuned I'll keep you apprised of the drawing date.)


wootini said...

You have to attend Kid's potluck with 3 kids under three, only one of whom is yours?

Anything I might complain about seems to pale in comparison...

Hey, have fun at Disney! We went in November last year and had a blast. If you haven't done it, try the safari at AK first thing in the morning when the animals are most active. We did that twice and both times the giraffes stopped the whole attraction for over 10 mins. by walking in the road. It was fantastic - we just got to relax and enjoy life on the African savannah.

moley said...

Sorry life's crappy for you at the moment and hope it gets better soon.

Anyway - over 3 weeks since my surgery and my eye is still sore and I'm still having to put steroid drops in 4 times a day.

Saw the surgeon last week who said the retina is 90% flat again but it will be a few months before I know how much sight I will get back. In the meantime, my vision is crap. My right eye is blurry and distorted and sensitive to light.

It's really depressing and I'm worried sick that the other eye will go as well and then I'll be really stuffed.

moley said...

Oops forgot to tick email follow up comments again.

Enjoy Disney! My mum has paid for us to go to CenterParcs just before Christmas which, whilst not as good, will still be fantastic. Kids are very excited and keep asking how many days!

Elizabeth said...

two fucking days until opening.

the directors are somewhat nuts (the newspapers they use onstage must have the right itsybitsyteenytiny text on them. text that no one sees)

they ran over a chair with the set. I had to make a new leg for the damn thing.

The foster parents of the dog I would like to adopt haven't emailed me. i don't think they liked me, and that dog was really cute and sweet.

My boss has taken a side job these two days, and while that gets her out of my hair, she calls me and gives me instructions as though I were four years old.

I just want to cry. Work makes me want to quit right now.

Elizabeth said...

also I smashed my hand into a door while carrying something yesterday.

it's all bruised and sore.

Mrs Furious said...

It is 1:30 I successfully made the pudding brought it right out of the oven with 3 little kids to the potluck. I deserve a Nobel Prize for multitasking! The bigger kids I had each buckled in a stroller with ONE non-noisy toy. The baby I brought in his carrier. And the burning hot dish in a basket... that made FOUR trips for me from the van to the room.
But I made it and came home and finally got two down and Baby is watching her show. I'm hoping I can now sit down.
Disney is on the home stretch now!

Oh I am sorry about your eyes. Kid's recovery was definitely longer and harder than we had anticipated too... and she's young so theoretically healing quickly. Hang in there. I hope you're feeling much better and that your vision improves!

We are huge advocates of quitting around here these days...

P.O.M. said...

Horrible week over here. I booked my boss on wrong flight. Then I booked him in wrong hotel. I'm the travel manager - you would think I knew how to do this with 10+ years experience. But no.

I pulled something in my back that is making my tailbone hurt so bad. I walk around looking like I have hemmroids.

I'm freaking out about the car payment I just got myself into.

Boys still suck, and I'm totally sucked back in. I bought new curtians and can't seem to get them hung.

PS: I finished the Sarah Prine series. What's next for me oh-book-guru??? I love your suggestions.

Enjoy D-LAND!

P.O.M. said...

Oops - I guess it's D-WORLD on your side of the coast.

moley said...

Thanks Mrs F. Did kid's surgery last week do the trick?

It's the not knowing that is the worse really. If I knew I would have really good sight at the end the waiting would be easier.

Kid being young made me laugh - my consultant told me I had youth on my side, which being the wrong side of forty isn't something I hear very often these days. Mind you I was the only one on the ward not drawing my pension and I walked to the theatre but everyone else had a wheelchair.

Mrs Furious said...

Angle of Repose by Wallace Stegner
It's an awesome follow up to the Sarah books since it overlaps the same time period but from a very different class perspective. Amazing book. It also has real letters (book is based on a true story) included so it kind of has that same diary theme. Stegner is hands down a better writer (it's a Pulitzer Prize winning novel)... but commit to the book it takes a little bit to get into the historical story and SWEET JESUS it's good. It's also crazy long which I like since you really never want it to end.

Right now I'm reading American Wife by Curtis Stittenfeld right now. It's based on Laura Bush's life... which... has some crazy going on and is very addictive.

Mrs Furious said...

Kid needed her surgery repeated before it "took". That is very common although they didn't disclose that until after the fact. Having said that because she is young she will need her surgery repeated every 5 or so years (indefinitely?!).

moley said...

What a nightmare! Still it's worth it isn't it!

Mr Mole's got a friend who is now blind in one eye cos his lazy eye wasn't treated early enough.

My baby, Mt Bumble has started wearing glasses, but he was discharged from the hospital 6 months ago as he is no longer at risk of squints or lazy eye thank goodness.

At least they now have nice kids' frames available. When I started wearing glasses at 8 the selection was a choice of 2 - hideous pink plastic or baby blue plastic. Urghh!

P.O.M. said...

Yippy! THanks for ideas. A girl in my office just lent me American Wife.

gooddog said...

oh- I can't wait to get Angle of Repose now! I read American Wife... it is really something, isn't it?

No bitching to do over here right now. knock on wood.

have a GREAT trip! Jealous.

inkelywinkely said...

Our new vehicle?

Need a piece inside the front end to stop the steering wheel from not being attached while driving and killing us, a piece to keep the wheel attached while driving, and a few other important things. LOL

We found this out while driving...

Torey said...

this is really pale in comparison to other people. . .but it bugs me.

nathaniel went out to see a play tonight. no big deal, right? while, he designed the lights for it and moved it in this week, so he was gone at night Sunday-Wednesday. And now he's gone tonight. Plus WE ARE GOING TO THE SHOW TOMORROW NIGHT!!! why does he need to go tonight??

by the way, his way of TELLING (not asking) me he was going out tonight, was to burn the crap out of the last two pieces of tilapia in the freezer (he didn't know you had to THAW it first, so it was raw in the middle too) making the whole house reek of burned fish, overcook some green beans and leave the kitchen a mess, just in time to leave me with two screaming kids who need to go to bed. Thanks babe.

The good news, is that I'm rather adept at getting both kids in bed by myself! (And Gup did all his pee on the potty today!)

HIS PARENTS are coming for Thanksgiving, actually the day before thanksgiving (Thanks for all the assistance. . .) and he's done NOTHING to help me out to get ready for their visit PLUS the 16 people that are coming for dinner.

Mrs Furious said...

It's flesh ripping time! Seriously. I'd kill him.

just your luck!

I loved it. Did you read the Sarah Prine series? I will never get over it.

dasnowz said...

my grandson is sick. i have 2 weeks left in this quarter and no i am not counting that i have only 3 , 4 ,and 5 sessions left of my classes. one gave us next wed off and one is only 2 times a week. That means in reality I have finals in 2 weeks!! I am freakin out.

The Other Susan said...

Reading suggestions:

Art of Racing in the Rain--Garth Stein

The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society--Mary Ann Shaffer

Both are excellent. I work in a bookstore, so you can trust my recommendations! (An independent one, the kind where the staff actually reads the books before giving them the stamp of approval....) I read about 200 books a year, mostly fiction, and these 2 are standouts.

Claire said...

At the newspaper it will be my duty to go to work and do the obituaries on Thanksgiving Day using a software program that hardly anyone knows how to use successfully and there will hardly be anyone in the building to help me if I hit a glitch.

I loved "The Guersney..." - it takes you places that are totally unexpected from when you first start the book.

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