Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Change Is On The Horizon (Maybe Not Tomorrow... But It's Within Our Sights)

As I'm sure you can imagine a lot of stuff is going on in the background around here. Some things have been made VERY clear to us and we are now processing that and moving ahead. While moving here has without a doubt been a difficult and often disappointing experience (especially financially) it has given us insight and knowledge that we wouldn't have been able to get if we hadn't come here. We are in a much better position to effect real change in the areas that have the most impact on our lives and happiness.

And we are going to.

Things are not going to be *easy* or *perfect*. In fact in some ways we may trade a certain predictability and stability for... well... unpredictability and instability.

But it will be our choice.

It is one thing to make deep (sometimes painful) sacrifices when it is for something you believe in or want. It is quite another to be slowly bled dry over something you know isn't making you fulfilled or happy. And in many ways is going against our family goals.

So things will change.

Not because they are *meant to be* or because *we deserve* them.

Things are going to change because we're willing to risk it.


Supermom said...

Soooo, what happened yesterday?!?!

Andrea said...

Change can be good at least thats what I keep telling myself :)

gooddog said...

Dying to hear more....!

Me, Only Better said...

Sounds like awesome moves in the right direction.

Life is full of bumps in the road, but we can choose if they will be challenges to overcome and learn from or things that bring us down.

Can't wait to hear more (=

Kiki said...

I love the mystery....can't wait to hear the next chapter in you adventure!! So excited for you!!

Off topic and true story: Ken and I are talking in the kitchen:
Ken: we have no friends to hang out with
Me: people our age have kids, we don't....you're weird around kids
Ken: that's not true, what about Mr and Mrs Furious (he used your real names) I liked them AND their kids. (Emphasis his).
Me: {sighs}{walks out of room}

AT22 said...

Good for you.

Mrs Furious said...

LOL Ken wasn't weird around the kids!

and we have kids and still don't have a lot of friends...

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