Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sure My Office Still Looks Like Shit

But behold this seasonal transformation:

We all know how important my mantel display is!

First impressions, people. If this looks good who is going to judge the fact that my floors are covered in a sea of toys, shoes, and strange outdoor debris?

The correct answer is... NO ONE.

It's too bad the lighting in my house always sucks and you can't behold it's true magnificence. Trust me.. it's lush and seasonally appropriate. It says "winter" without saying "HO HO HO".

P.S. Did you notice the cardinals? I am loving the glittery cardinals. I just can't help myself.


Kelly said...

Very nice! Well done.

Me, Only Better said...

Very nice, and very seasonal. I am jealous of your mantel. However, I don't care what you say, it's too damn early for Christmas at my house!!!!

ps - my whole house looks like your office.....

Marie said...

Looks great! We are "decorated" with cut-out handprints decorated like turkeys. EVERYWHERE. I can't wait for the christmas decorations to come out (of course, after a week I'll be ready to put them away again...).

Kiki said...

What lovely pinecones....the whole mantle looks fabulous!!! Well done and what a cheerful greeting everytime you walk by!!!

BsOnlyToots said...

Looks fabulous! Great job!

Andrea said...

very very nice!

Mrs Furious said...

Me, Only Better,
Well, in truth, I went to the store hoping to find something late fall-ish to kind of segue what I had until December. But there was NOTHING at the stores... everything was Christmas... not even a sale section (which is what I was hoping for!). So I had to move onto winter. I'm liking it though I think it will be good for before Xmas and again after for a couple of months.

Yes I put those poached pine cones to use! I'm loving them!

Thanks ladies. I'm pretty happy with it. Of course Mr F didn't even notice!

gooddog said...

I love it! I already put my wreath over the fireplace so I'm on Mrs. F timeline this year too.

I sure hope kid feels better asap.

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