Saturday, December 26, 2009

I'm Leaving On A Jet Plane

The girls and I are headed up to the great north woods.

I'd take you all with me, you know I would, but my hands will be very full trying to juggle the girls and their dolls (yes Kaya has slowly seeped into Kid's heart), all while helping them up the dangerously steep airplane steps in the slush and ice (don't you just love small airports?).

I also look forward to having to deal with the snow boots, and coats, stroller and carseat.... in and out of security... all by myself. I love, love, love how helpful they always are to us traveling moms with multiple kids underfoot. Always so helpful. If we're lucky we'll get searched (it's happened).

Oh and small airport = small plane = not all sitting together = extreme fun when one child is a maniac and one has social anxiety.

It will all be worth it.... right?!

I'll update from my mom's when I get a chance.


julie said...

Good luck on all that.

Nutmeg said...

Good luck. I'll be asking Advice re flying cross country with three year old alone at the end of the january.

Have fun.

Marie said...

Awww...come on.... No torturous car drive???? :) Have a great time at your moms!!

Me, Only Better said...

Good luck with your travels!

Gigs said...

Of course it will be worth it. And at least you don't have to bring Kaya's habitat too, though I was somewhat relieved for you that it was only doll-sized after all. Enjoy your mom's!

Stephanie said...

Agh, sounds like a difficult trip. Good luck!

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gooddog said...

I miss Mrs. F updates!
Hope your trip is going well.

Mrs Furious said...

I was relieved/disappointed by the teepee size. I had read several reviews describing how huge it was going to be and then once we put it all together it was smaller than the doll! Ah well... at least we can easily store it in a corner.

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