Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Eagle Has Landed

We're back.

I'm checking email, opening Christmas cards, and catching up on blogs.

Mr F is trying to give me an anxiety attack by up and deciding to sell his junker NOW... why?  why people?!!  why now?  In two weeks we will know if we are staying or going... why would you sell your car RIGHT NOW?  

Come on!  Pull it together Mr F!  I can't take this.  

I mean I don't care if he sells it... but what would be the point of selling it this minute?  It only complicates my life.  It means a week or two (or more) without a second car in the dead of winter (and wouldn't you know it is actually colder here today than it was in Michigan... and people... it was COLD in Michigan).  During the same two weeks when I'm going to have an insane amount of small children in and out of my house and I need him to be able to drive Kid to school.  Is this not something that could wait two weeks?  And maybe something you would discuss in depth with your partner before doing?  

That's what I thought.

He must be feeling pretty positive about his future prospects...

On to important stuff...

I'm the size of a small whale.  My pants are SKIN tight.  As in... they didn't use to be *skinny jeans* but now they are.  

Mr F did repaint the kitchen and hang our new kitchen light (yay) but he did not move anything else from where it was when we left... meaning same exact food in the fridge... same post-Christmas morning mess, etc ... same unmade bed (boo).

Consequently, I'm having significant anxiety about getting the house back to "baby proof" for babysitting Monday morning.

On that front I've decided to quit babysitting (are you proud of me?... don't pat my back just yet I still have to tell everyone.)

All in all, I'm going to kickass in 2010.  For real.  I can feel it.  But first I need to get some stuff in order.

My New Year's Resolution is.... drum roll please...

To protect my personal interests. (it hasn't even been an hour and alert readers will note I've already edged this down a bit... baby steps I guess)
and, Yes, meeting my kids needs is in my best interest so there is no conflict on that front... don't worry they'll still eat

This should get interesting...


julie said...

OMG, she played dead. LOL. She is such a little riot, that kid.

I have my fingers crossed for you guys.

Kniki said...

Good for you, about time too! You deserve to look after yourself!

Mrs Furious said...

it was funny she kind of just shut down.

Thank you! We'll see how it pans out. I've already tried begging Mr F to call everyone and tell them ;)

julie said...

On that front I've decided to quit babysitting (are you proud of me?... don't pat my back just yet I still have to tell everyone.) Wait a minute, was that there when I first read the post?? Awesome. Good luck on telling the parents. That should be another interesting post.

Mrs Furious said...

you must have missed it.
I think it's the right thing to do. I just need to do it.

sara said...

I'm so proud of you Mrs. Furious!!! Yeah for the quits!


Mr Furious said...

same unmade bed (boo).

It's not like the bed is the "same unmade." I was actually using it as opposed to Kid's extra toddler bed per usual.

inkelywinkely said...

Yeah, I have decided to ACTUALLY change some things this year as well. I am pretty excited about it.

Good for you, and good luck..hpefully, there will be no theft reports of potty chairs. LOL

gooddog said...

LOVE IT Mrs. F!! You go.

BsOnlyToots said...

Go Mrs F ... I'll go ahead and pat you on the back now for just THINKING of quitting! :) And I totally wish I could have seen baby on that flight ... she is awesome! lol

Mrs Furious said...

okay I just sent the new baby/mom (who incidentally has not contacted me over break like she said she would and I'm supposed to start watching him in two days..) an email and said that I would not be watching children anymore. I told her I was prepared to watch him on Tuesday and could help out until they found another arrangement. I feel hugely relieved since this was the baby that put everything over the edge for me. Everyone else I'm going to wait until Mr F knows about this new job. If he gets it I'll give them 4 weeks to find other care.

Elizabeth said...

What the hey is this freezing coldness? I thought part of the point of moving down here was that we could LEAVE FRIGID WEATHER BEHIND?!?!

Anyway, it was really great to see you and the girls (and to chase them around like a scary monster).

Also, you are tiny! It might not be as tiny as you were before, or as fit, but you should give yourself some credit for looking pretty fabulous already.

Also, also, was it The Happiness Project you were reading? someone else I know mentioned it and once something's mentioned by two or three people I start getting REALLY curious!

Mrs Furious said...

Seriously on the weather. I went grocery shopping w/o gloves and when I came back my hands were burning in pain from being so cold.

The book was "The Geography of Bliss" which was funny & insightful and more about different cultures and happiness than one persons actual journey toward happiness. Loved it and it was a good read.
I too have been coming across the happiness project al over the place these days... I'm going to see if I can get it from the old library.

It was great seeing you too. Thanks re:not being size of small whale. I'm just pushing my personal limits these days and need to do something in order to not need to buy all new clothes. I'm feeling pretty motivated once it's not zero degrees in my workout room (garage).

Deb said...

Good for you!

Mrs Furious said...

She called. So its dealt with. She's going to look for someone else and I told her I'll help her until they get someone.
Then I got off the phone and remembered that she is the one who screwed me this summer and I shouldn't feel so bad about all this! That helped.

Kiki said...

I have to take a Xanax before I can read your tags and posts about flying.....I love Baby's idea, do you think the TSA will have a problem with an adult acting like that???

I'm so psyched to hear about all the goodness for the Furious Family in 2010!!!

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