Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ahh... That Feels Better



Loving these new storage bins(I have the small & medium sizes). Significantly smaller in profile and more stackable than the shoebox size lidded containers. Also perfectly clear so the kids can see exactly which bin is which. And easier to open and close! I'll be getting more for my sewing things ASAP.


Gigs said...

6 bins for 13 bucks? I'm in. And I think it looks great. I had the same sense of accomplishment when I recently organized our bathroom/medicine cabinet. Unfortunately since I am the only one who cares that everything has a place, it did not take long for my husband to work his special brand of chaos on my masterpiece. Maybe I should take photos like you do, and actually tape them to the inside of the cabinets with the caption: Attention: THIS is what it should look like in here!"

Mrs Furious said...

Good luck with that ;)
I think the bins were actually even cheaper. At our Target they were sold individually. I was shocked at how cheap they were compared to the regular old shoe bin kind. Much better.

julie said...

Ha ha ha...I was all excited thinking "Ahh...That Feels Better" was going to be because decisions were made!:) I felt like Homer Simpson and "Doh".

The book shelf looks great. I do love it when I get something organized nicely like that. Sometimes I have to keep going over to the area just look at my newly organized area and smile.

Andrea said...

This brings out the type A part of my personality and makes me smile I love how organized this looks :)I must have some of those bins!

The Other Susan said...

Bins--that is what the shelving unit in my bathroom needs!

And I was just in Target this morning, too.

You'd think that living in 4 rooms by myself it would be easy to stay organized, but entropy has set in and my apartment is approaching the chaos stage.

One room at a time, purge my belongings, donate clothes to Goodwill, have several book sales over the summer--okay, I can do this......

P/F said...

I know exactly what you mean. Everything around here is in some state of suspended animation until we really figure out if the big move is realistic and doable.

I was in Hobby Lobby and found two sweet green flowerpots (for 50% off) that I transferred all of the pens and pencils into. Just looking into that cabinet makes me feel good.

...I'm not shy when it comes to asking for validation. When I rearranged the cabinet, I dragged everyone over to look at it and asked them, "Doesn't it look good with the new pots?" I'd pity the fool with the heart to disagree.

Kiki said...

I'll reveal something...when things get all organized I feel almost an audible click internally that makes me feel "right"....I felt it the moment I saw that picture! Great job Mrs. Furious!!!

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