Wednesday, February 17, 2010


This morning I rubbed Baby's back.
I've been trying to give in more to her cuddly neediness. It'll end. And she obviously needs me more than I sometimes think.
She's an interesting dichotomy that way.

While I rubbed her back I thought of preschool.

And the fact that she's three now, not the baby we let her pretend to be most of the time.

I thought, maybe, it was time to start introducing her to her name.

You know... how to write it.

It's not her fault that her name is the longest name in the history of the world.

Good God I think back to the nervous breakdown Kid had when she had to master her name for preschool and her name is only 4 letters. Nine letters?! What the hell were we thinking.

That's why I thought maybe we should start now. Give it some time to sink in.

I grabbed a notebook and started to write her name. Then scribbled it out remembering too late that little kids start with all capital letters.

So I wrote her name several times and then made dotted letters for her to outline.

She was pretty outraged.

"Those are not ABCs!" Baby said agitated.

"Yes, they are." I reply then start to trace one for her "See? You write on top of them to make your letters."

"I want them to Shut Up." Baby says showing a disgruntled attitude usually associated with her older sister.

"Shut up?" I ask slightly confused... you know cause the letters aren't really talking... but, hey, either were my windows.

"Yeah." Baby replies.

"What do you mean, shut up?" I ask.

"It means you shut your mouth." Baby replied with contempt.

Alrighty then.

She might not be ready for preschool but she'll fit right in with the mean girls in high school.


BsOnlyToots said...

OMG "it means you shut your mouth" I LOVE that baby of yours! Maybe you could just let her think her name is baby?? lol

Amriana had the same problem with remembering her long name, so they just call her Ana in school. The three letters were obviously waaaaay easier for her to remember. When she first started Kindergarten this year she was having problems not catching on to things, we shortened up her name and it seemed to open the flood gates and she was just fine and caught up in no time. I think it was really an issue for her not being able to quickly write her name and move on .. kinda weird. LOL

And off the subject, but if you got a random email from me .. I'm sorry .. My email got hacked while I was out of town .. Not a nice thing to come home to! lol

running2me said...

Maybe because it was all caps she thought you were yelliing??
(uh, that was an attempt at lame joke!)

Mrs Furious said...

I got it... no worries.. I figured you got hacked.

I've been thinking about giving her a short name to start out with. She could work on just mastering CHAR first and we could always add on.

LOL... I wish.

Nutmeg said...

Wow. Girls are AWESOME!

E. is obviously in daycare, but he is in a room where half of the kids are much younger than him. He recognizes his name and knows all his letters (though he pretends not to know them when you try quizzing him so he doesn't have to do something he thinks is boring).

I have been trying to supplement the writing stuff at home, but E has ZERO interest in tracing letters. But we did start with a book where he just traces lines as a game in preparation for the kind of handskills required for writing. Practicing doing straight lines, diagonal lines, circles, squiggles and zig zags. He enjoys that a lot and even requests it. I'm sure you could find a similar thing online for free. His fine motor skills aren't great due to his maleness (poor boys) and he can't draw a picture of a person, but man he is actually really much better at these tracing things than I thought he would be.

Andrea said...

sounds about like my girl I wonder where does all the sassiness come from Im totally in shock by some of the things she says. I cant wait for the teenage years as Ive told Chris I breastfeed,potty trained and dealt with all the yucky baby stuff he can have em at 12.

Kiki said...

My only comment to the writing thing is that all schools are different but some start the kids writing it in caps then lowercase...mixed, not all caps like we did when we were kids....I only learned this when I taught in school.

lucinda said...

You know I've been lobbying for "Chica" It's five letters but two of them are the same.:-)

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