Saturday, February 20, 2010

Weekend Update

Things are coming along.

This will be the last weekend we spend sprucing up the house.

The realtor didn't have anything he thought we needed to do.

That's a good sign (right?). I think so.


Mr F has decided to repaint 75% of our woodwork. Have you ever seen our house? We've got moldings up the wazoo. This is a major project.

The kids are belting out Taylor Swift.

I'm about to knock out another 2 continuing education credits.

I alternate (minute by minute) between excitement and anxiety.

The reality is that over the next few months I am going to pay the brunt of the price for this.

But I believe we're, ultimately, making the wisest choice.

Monday a photographer comes to take pictures and our house should be listed by Thursday.

Coming Up:

Mrs F doing our taxes.

Mrs F trying to get 36 more continuing education credits in the very same 60 days.

Mrs F continuing to watch kids 4 days a week while keeping the house ready to show at a moments notice.

Mrs F doing every other thing necessary to run our household. For real.

Mrs F spending nights and weekends culling our belongings in the basement to the absolute bare minimum. (Read: I'm never doing this again. If we're not keeping it for the next 50 years it's headed to Goodwill. I mean how many times are we going to move boxes we haven't opened? This could be officially 3 moves. Same unopened boxes. I'm not even opening them, people, they're out of here. Don't tell Mr F)

Mrs F developing a drinking habit? (just kidding... maybe)

Not Coming Up:

Mrs F making any progress in the diet and exercise realms. Fuck it. I am a human. I will continue to workout as much as possible (currently only 3-4 days/week) and try not to eat like a pig. My big goal is to make this major transition without gaining weight. I think that will be accomplishment enough.

Mrs F cooking 21 balanced meals from scratch every damn week. We will be eating pizza a minimum of 3 times a week. Call CPS.

Mrs F getting any sleep... of that I can assure you.


Holly said...

In case it are perfectly within your rights to tell your listing agent that you need at least X hours notice for any showing (X being whatever minimum time you feel you need). We also requested that all showing be done by 7 PM for the sake of our son's bed time. That helped a TON...after that request was on our listing, I think we only had to put him to bed late once. Our house was listed for about 8 weeks, and I think there were only two times that we got less than 24 hours notice for a showing. And we had 5-10 showings a week.

workout mommy said...

If anyone can do this, it is you!

I missed something though--where/when are you moving? :)

Mrs Furious said...

Yeah I told him I needed 45 minutes (kind of crazy). I'll change that if it seems we're getting bombarded and I can't keep up. He said most of the time I'd have at least a 24 hour notice. But seeing as both times we bought our house we were in a for a day I don't want to delay what could be a super motivated buyer like we were. It never occurred to me that people would come in the evenings! I'm so glad you mentioned that. I absolutely need to put a limit on that.

Workout Mommy,
Oh I appreciate that... but I'm not so sure! I just hope I don't lose my temper with the girls too much during all of this. We're just hoping to get our house up at the beginning of the season and see what happens next. We know we need to get out of this house (mortgage is killing us... and housing prices are likely to go up in the next year so we might as well cut out now if we can) and that KId can't go back to her school in the Fall. Ideally stuff comes together to equal one transition instead of three. Updates to come as soon as we have them!

Mrs Furious said...

Workout Mommy,
That should read: housing prices are NOT likely to go up...

Holly said...

Actually, almost all of our viewings were in the evening...right at dinner time. Man, did that get old!

Mrs Furious said...

I guess that makes sense since it's after work ... it just never occurred to me. If that is the case we'll be eating a whole lot of McDonald's.

G in Berlin said...

We also asked for two hours notice- I needed time to throw the kids' toys in bins, and not after 7. We did say Saturday and Sunday were fine and we had a bunch of showings Saturday.

trifitmom said...

holy cannoli ....we had a realtor come through and we have to declutter and make the front room an actual room - right now it has no use. of course the declutter has taken a very slow route. i just can not seem to manage it and i certainly can NOT manage hubby to do his share (attic, office, garage) he is a hoarder and it kills me.

Mrs Furious said...

We went through something very similar at our old house. We felt like we couldn't do enough to make that realtor happy. And yet the house sold immediately anyway. Good luck weeding it down!
We have a basement so full of boxes and bins you'd think we had lived here for 30 years....

I wonder how it is going to go down here. I'm trying not to worry too much (yet). With the sitting and all I figure I'm going to know right away if I can handle short notice or not. I want to sell the house but I don't want to have a stroke doing it!

Deb said...

I got all goosebumpy at the idea of taking boxes to Goodwill without even opening them. Don't tell my husband, but I did that before our last move. I still have no idea what was in those boxes, and it does not weigh on my psyche in the least.

Keeping my fingers crossed for good showings and two solid offers.

Oh, and Holly is absolutely right. I put guidelines on my showings, and I make it clear that it's in both realtors' (selling and buying) best interest to give me that time. If they want to show a house with dog paw prints all over the sun room or limit their tour to the two floors the children are not napping on, that's their business, but I can save them the embarrassment if they just give me a couple hours.

Mrs Furious said...

haha you like that huh? well you have a bit more insight than a lot of people... I'll leave you guessing for another day.

Mrs Furious said...

Those are going to be 2 full price offers right?!

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