Sunday, March 28, 2010


julie said...

Yay, you are back to occasionally singing your sentences. You must be feeling happier and more optimistic:)

Great attitude about how this is just one phase of your long life. You are going to be so happy and grateful when you are in Michigan. Totally bad-ass it when you are there. I know you will do it.

I hope Mr F is doing okay with the new job and all that, too.

Brina said...

you are sporting a totally cute bed head was the first thing popping into my mind when i saw you :) lol

did you know i was wondering about the adoption not too long ago - can't remember what triggered it: was it an old post i read or something else?! whatever, i really like that part of the video and the way you look, so happy about it being a possibility and all, makes me 100% sure that you *will* make it work if you really want it!

i am looking forward to seeing bad ass mrs f. rockin it out in michigan after the summer :)

Mrs Furious said...

Mr F is actually pretty happy with his new job. He definitely thinks he made the right move at the right time.

I'm having ups and downs today. I was feeling pretty good about all those showings but our realtor is kind of a dick and he bummed me out today for no real reason (more on this later I'm sure). We're still waiting on feedback from 3 or 4 of the showings so I'm trying to stay hopeful that maybe one of them will make an offer. One family's kids played with our toys and for some reason that left me feeling optimistic about them... we'll see.

I just got my haircut so my bedhead is extra crazy these days!

I would definitely like to adopt/am terrified of it. I hope when we are settled into our new house we can start the process and see where that takes us. Mr F is on board... as are the girls. Having the baby around has made us all comfortable with the idea of having another kid in our family.

P/F said...

Looks like things are looking up! And I know what you mean about Cathe. LOVE her. Love the giddy, "am I going to make it?" feeling I sometimes get 3/4 through her workouts. My favorite: Kick, Punch, & Crunch. Also love the different weight workouts. I have actually contemplated going to her gym in NJ for a couple of days.
Have a great week!

Liz said...

You sound good! You're handling it all so well. It might have something to do with that ginormous coffee mug you're sporting...I know you're petite, but it looks huge! I love it!

Mrs Furious said...

Ha! Yes, I have two HUGE mugs that I drink my coffee out of.

Oh my God I did not know she had gym! Hmm...

Andrea said...

So I just now got a chance to watch the video and yo-yo I was so not disapointed. Im glad things are truckin along you seem to be handling this all better than I would be.

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