Saturday, March 27, 2010

This One Goes Out To Mr F

Again with the sideways upload! I suppose that's good since that is about the only challenge you'll have with this one. That and decoding Kid's crazy marker over crayon technique (which she is exceedingly proud of).
It's fascinating that as soon as I decided to start pointing out her creative spelling she made a huge leap. Dang it. Although again she's exceedingly proud of herself (I am too).


Dad Plees
Send Me
a box

Today is the day that Kid's friend's kind mother is coming by to pick up BOTH girls (I said kind). Of course before 9 AM I've already gotten two showings for this afternoon. Which means instead of having a break, which I, quite frankly, desperately need... I'll be preparing my house for showings again. Waiting the hour between them, coming back and making sure the first group didn't track mud through the house, despite my sign asking politely that they remove their shoes (they never do... NEVER), and re-cleaning the floors and turning all the lights back on. Awesome. I can't wait for that kind of relaxation.

Someone better buy my house today.

5 showings in less than 48 hours... that's gotta be a good sign.

*******Gah!!! Just got a third half and hour!!!!!*********************


julie said...

awesome on all the showings.

someone better buy it soon.

Andrea said...

Im crossing my fingers and saying a prayer I really hope you sell, and I could use a box of chocolate too!

Torey said...

I'm pretty sure your house is going to sell this weekend. I can feel it. One of these families that is seeing the house this weekend will fall in love with it!!

You can do this!

Kelly said...

Sending good vibes your way!!!

Kiki said...

Of course you know we have our fingers crossed for you...but I have a feeling it is going to go quickly. Its such a great house on a great piece of property.....its certainly desirable!!!!

Kid's spelling is super awesome....and I love the creativity!!!

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