Monday, March 22, 2010

Set Your Tivos

I watched the sneak peak of Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution last night.

Seriously peeps, set your Tivos, or old school VHS, for this Friday, 8 PM, on ABC.

I think this is something we all need to watch.

You can watch the sneak preview episode HERE.

I watched his British version some time back and was really moved by it. But I think this hits closer to home. And as we get ready to enroll Kid in public school this Fall school lunches have been on my mind. I can only hope he takes his Food Revolution to Michigan before we get there.


Marie said...

I've been waiting for this show! I've seen some of the ads for it and am highly intrigued. I never saw the British version (damn dish network...) but can't wait to see what he does. And ditto on the school lunch thing. This year I've been checking out the "lunch menu" while waiting to pick up my half-day K daughter and the food is..well..its "special occasion" foods at our house. Not really any real nutritional value. And for some kids thats the best meal they get in a day.

Ok..stopping before I continue on my food rant...ugh.

Mrs Furious said...

"Ok..stopping before I continue on my food rant...ugh."
I feel ya.

I checked out the lunch menu for the district we'll be attending and I was sickened. I was expecting more from such a good school system. I would never allow Kid to eat it... and I was wondering how that will be. She's always had to bring lunch from home and it has had to be ultra-healthy by school rules (not just my own) and I'm wondering how that will fit in with her classmates.

Anonymous said...

I am so excited about this show! Tivo set!

Staci said...

I can't wait for this show either. Missed the show last night but will check it out ASAP.

I too am hoping the revolution hits MI SOOOOON!

My boys don't get "hot lunch" at school either. At the elementary my youngest is in if you choose you can have pizza from the local pizza shop EVERY day, if you're in 5th or 6th grade. I know my would be pizza every day. :P

My oldest is in 7th grade and at the high school...thankfully the lunch lines are WAY too long for him. He doesn't even want to see what they have. :P

I've just come to terms that I'll be packing lunches for the next 7 years. :)

Hope you have a great week!

wootini said...

Thanks for the tip - we are really excited to see this show. School lunch here is very unhealthy food - and like you, Mrs. F, it's surprising in such a good school district otherwise. A lot of factors conspire against the serving of healthy food in the federal school lunch program, unfortunately.

We are lucky that my daughter, 6, won't touch the school food and always wants to take her lunch. Lots of her friends do too - in fact she has one who brings sushi, so I wouldn't worry too much about Kid. My 9 year old son prefers to buy but we limit it to once or twice a week, and only one "a la carte" snack per week (believe it or not they sell popcorn, cookies, ice cream...).

I went to private school mostly so it's hard to compare, but I feel sure that the lunches served at my school were comprised of ACTUAL food cooked on location in the school. Today most public schools no longer have the facilities to cook food.

Which Way to Green? said...

I don't think Kid will have a problem fitting in no matter what you send her with. There are so many ethnic foods that get sent, nothing seems out of the ordinary.

Kelly said...

I will definitely watch!
Ive stopped letting my daughter eat school lunch already. They almost never have a healthy choice at her school. Cheese sticks and nachos are not my idea of nutrition. It's costing me a little more money to pack lunch every day,but it's worth it knowing she's not eating the trash they serve.

Andrea said...

I havent even begun to think about school lunches yet li miss attends a MDO twice a week ad I pack her lunch I guess I just didnt think about what comes next. I cant wait to see this show..thanks for the heads up I hadnt seen any previews either I dont watch much TV something I miss.

P/F said...

I have the show recorded on the list, but haven't watched it yet. Remember the show with Shaquille O'Neal and Tyler Florence a couple of years ago? They were trying to change school lunches, and activity levels of kids in school. I remember either the principal or superintendent saying that they don't feed healthy foods to kids at school because they don't get it at home and aren't used to it. If so much of a percentage of food is being thrown away, they won't keep the menu item.

I let my kids buy lunch on the day of their choice once per week. Often they come home to say that they picked salad bar or yogurt because the other stuff looked nasty (and my kids are NOT picky eaters). Sometimes they come home telling me that they had Bosco sticks :(, so I guess that it evens out.

And I wouldn't worry about packing healthy choices either. There are kids who bring soda and chips for lunch (seriously!), but many others have varied healthy choices in their lunch bags.

Supermom said...

We watched it last night. I was all teary eyed.

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