Thursday, March 25, 2010

When I Said I'd Get Back To You Later

I guess I meant later later.

I can do all of this. All of it. It is just the showings that push me over the edge. It's a lot of work by myself, especially since every showing happens when I'm watching the baby (what is with that?!). Which means one extra human to try and care for and quickly clean up after all while trying to leave the house spotless and on time. It's rough. I need 8 hands and I only have 2.

Oh and another light bulb blew this morning. 15 minutes before our showing. So you know what I had to do:

At least this fixture hangs down a good bit from the ceiling. It was a lot less scary (still scary) (especially scary because it is so fucking ugly...)

P.S. Mr F, yeah I am not ever going to go to the garage and carry and 8 foot fiberglass ladder all around our muddy yard to the front door and then into the house. You are smokin' crack. I'd rather break my arms and legs than contemplate that 1/2 hour maneuver first thing in the morning. Especially when I only have 15 minutes to pull it off.

Sorry peeps, this week has sucked the life out of me. Maybe I'll be back to something remotely interesting next week?


Supermom said...

Maybe we can hang Saturday and get our groove back!?!?!?

julie said...

hang in there...

Rob said...

I hope you are able to get some rest this weekend!!

Liz said...

Why is it that all the "man jobs" need to be done when the man is out of town?? Light bulbs sound simple, but they never are! Don't even get me started on smoke detectors...

Hope the showings went well!

Mrs Furious said...

yes we can!

Once this house sells it will be cake.

Oh I hope so. Usually I can count on Sundays being showing free. One very nice mom of Kid's school friend has offered to pick both girls up and keep them all day Saturday. That'll be huge!

"Why is it that all the "man jobs" need to be done when the man is out of town??"
For real! It is crazy. 3 bulbs blew today. 3!!

Mr Furious said...

I think we've gone through like 40 lightbulbs in less than two years in that house.


And it's only certain ones...I installed new bulbs — the expensive full spectrum ones — all over the house not even a month ago and Mrs F has had to replace at least three of those ones.

Yet I have never had to change the main light in the primary bathroom the entire time we've lived there, and it is on all the freaking time.

Light bulbs are like another damn utility bill in that place.

Loralei said...

I think you need to make yourself a superhero cape to wear when you are doing all of this stuff!

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