Friday, March 26, 2010

Bitch Fest Friday and bonus boring updates!!!

I don't personally have any major bitches. We had two showings yesterday and another one coming up this afternoon. I'm pretty happy about that since doing the major cleaning on Wednesday is seeing me through 3 showings with only a moderate amount of *perfecting*.

The weather has been all over the place. I feel like we're already back in Michigan (that's a weather reference... all you non-Michiganders). Yesterday afternoon a crazy high speed wind blew through. It was insane and then poof it was over. Weird. But I liked it. That's some of the stuff I love about a Michigan spring... stormy, eerie, tornados... we don't get very much weather drama here. I'm looking forward to it. Maybe we'll get there before it's all over (please?!!).

Spring is strangely late here which I've always been surprised about. Plenty of people on the internets have posted shots of buds and flowers. We've only got tulip leaves coming up now and a few crocuses. I saw some buds on our neighbors willow tree.

I keep hoping someone will make an offer on the house before I have to plant our front bed. It needs it! But those damn slugs (remember?!!!) they eat everything and it's like flushing money down the toilet. For now I can still pull off the dormant garden look. If we get back from Easter break I'll have to do something. I think we might also have a rabbit in the mix...

That's all folks.

Everyone else have at it.


Elizabeth said...

My 'mediation meeting' with my boss went so badly I don't want to talk about it.

So I get to a) move away from my new home and life and really good friends to a new theater job somewhere random. (have I mentioned how f-ing sick I am of moving?) b) stay here and get... some... other kind of job...(the ellipses tell you how I feel about that) or c) stay in this job and tough it out/work it out/grow a pair


Mrs Furious said...

hmm... none of those sound like good options.
I think you need to reflect on how bad a year you've had working with her and that that is not going to change, and certainly effects your overall health and well being.
Maybe making a change will bring something amazing into your life that you can't even anticipate right now.

Shirls said...

"We've only got tulip leaves coming up now and a few crocuses." LOL that made me freaking laugh!!! your complaining that you ONLY have tulip leaves??? we have brown grass, occasional snow and today they say maybe our very first rain of the season... things growing? buds appearing on trees and ANYTHING poking out of the ground? - that ain't happening for at least another 6-8 weeks, I'd love to see ANY official sign of spring.. see doesn't that make those tulip leaves seem soooo much better now? LOL

Mrs Furious said...

Oh I'm not complaining... I could care less. I actually would like Spring to wait since I don't have time or resources to add yard care into the mix right now. I'm stating that for "The South" Asheville has a surprisingly late spring.

Mrs Furious said...

And it snowed here this week too.

Jaime said...

it's snowing in Halifax right now. Last week I was in flip-flops. How's that for erratic weather!!? :)

Don't plant the beds. If push comes to shove, find a couple of flowering shrubs or something that don't require maintainence and ask your garden center to recommend something that the slugs won't eat.

Holly said...

No bitching here (probably)...

A friend of mine pays her kids a nickel a slug to catch them. Not sure what she does then--drowns them in beer, sprinkles salt in the bucket they were dropped in, whatever. They've literally caught hundreds so far, but it's still cheaper than planting the flowerbed only to lose it all.

Deb said...

Not a whole lotta bitching to be done here, either. The sun is out, and it's nearly 50 degrees. That alone makes it a stellar day. I'm easy to please.

I hope two of those showing yield offers and you find yourself the proud owner of a bidding war. (I like to send very positive hopes.)

Kelly said...

Well...nothing major here, either. I cut all my hair off after my husband told me it was a good idea. Then, when I came home, he didn't like it. Go figure! Dont feel bad about you slugs, Mrs. F. Last year we planted a veggie garden and a deer ate the ENTIRE thing.

Rah said...

No bitching for me...spring break for a week without 22 eight year olds!!

been thinking about you and hoping that your house is on it's way to being sold. do you feel like superwoman? you should, because you have been tackling some major superwoman tasks!:) have a great weekend

Mrs Furious said...

Oh my! I couldn't afford a nickel a piece. Last year I'd pull hundreds off twice a day. It's a disgusting slug fest over here. Plus girls are terrified of them ;)

good suggestion.

cut your hair!! That's always exciting. Hopefully he'll get used to it.

I'd love me a bidding war. I was having really good feelings about the showing today. We'll see if that was wishful thinking or not.

enjoy your break!
I'd feel more like superwoman if I hadn't just eaten two of those Lofthouse iced sugar cookies (why?!!!!). ;)

Mr Furious said...

I'm terrified of them too. Our yard is like Slug Central. I hate to pick anything up that's been lying aroung the yard...hose, ball, whatever...there are always little slugs on the bottom of it.

Yuck. I couldn't do the slug combat Mrs F does for a dollar a slug.

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