Monday, May 17, 2010

It's A Good Thing I'm Mrs. Money Bags

This morning the schedulers called for a showing. 2-4 PM.
I babysit until just about 1 PM, so that was just enough time to get things cleaned up and ready to go.
Than at 12:30 they called and asked if they could move it to: 12:30!
I said "give me 15 minutes".
The baby's mother came and I put the pedal to the metal on the vacuum.
Thankfully, I had been slowly getting things ready as I went along.
I almost fell over from crazy anxiety and adrenaline. One of these days the stress might actually kill me.
I did it.
We left.
We came back.
They fucked up our lock and we were then locked out.
With groceries.
Amazingly I had the key to the side door... but... damn it.. I forgot to unlock the screen door!
And I'm not about to cut a screen right when I'm selling the house.
One more way in.
Thankfully Baby had a stash of stickers in her purse.
I was able to use the sheet of stickers to lift the hook on the inside of our screen porch door.
Hoping that they forgot to lock the house door to the porch.
They did! (which, honestly, is just one more strike against them)
We're in!
But the front door lock is jammed.
Which is a pretty big problem since that's the door the realtors use.
I've spent half an hour already and there is no budging it.
And they managed to scratch the hell out of our trim paint around the door. wtf?
Especially frustrating since we crossed paths with them and I left the door open for them.
They never needed the key.
The door locks automatically.
Now I get to call a locksmith.


Christy said...

But you are going to bill them, RIGHT?

AT22 said...

Christy already said what I was thinking. They definitely should pay.

Mr Furious said...

I don't know if we can really expect that...the lock was a piece of shit to start with, and I half wanted to replace it before it went on the market because I figured this was only a matter of time.

What's galling about this particular incident is that these morons didn't even need to let themselves in OR lock the door on the way out.

Not sure why Mrs F is all upset about it. She should just have our secret butler make a withdrawal from one our Swiss bank accounts and have it taken care of...

Gigs said...

The best part of this story is that Baby had the stickers and you knew how to use them! My son locks himself out all the time and can jimmy any of the windows in our house to get himself in. Honestly, I'm not really sure why we ever lock the house, because it obviously couldn't be any easier to break in if you wanted to... of course he's not toting a young child and groceries, which removes the anxiety factor!

Kiki said...

Unbelieveable...the carelessness and rudeness that is out there!!! Good thing you guys are stashing all those millions away for an instance such as this!

Frustrated for you....grrrrr!

Deb said...

"Not sure why Mrs F is all upset about it. She should just have our secret butler make a withdrawal from one our Swiss bank accounts and have it taken care of..."

Or have the secret butler just hang out to let realtors in and out. Sheesh. What a simple solution--I can't believe you guys haven't thought of that before.

I have to say I appreciate Mr. F's sense of humor on this one. My husband would not have much sympathy on this kind of thing. He's become too used to people jacking up our house and me working magic to solve the problem.

Deb said...

Oh, and the stickers? Way to go, MacGyver.

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