Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Video Update


julie said...

I am so glad you have been getting showings again. I know it is a pain for you, but it's good to see activity.

That is so great that things are moving along with your other house. You will feel so good when that is set and done.

Packing...ugh. I totally forgot about that.

Kiki said...

Here is the plan for Mrs. F's visit to the beach:
1. Sit in the sun (with loads of sunscreen on)
2. Kik plays with the kid's while Mrs. F reads a trashy mag or closes her eyes.
3. Eat what we want
4. Try to pamper and wait on Mrs. F as much as possible.
5. Nighttime swimming at the pool.
6. As much sleep as possible for Mrs. F and no cooking for her.
7. Lots of playing with Kid and Baby!!!

Can't wait for her to get here, it's like having a sister visit me!!!!

Hurry up weekend!!!

sara said...

Mrs. Furious is a locksmith too?? BADASS!


Rebecca said...

Kiki -
You're a GREAT friend. I'm looking forward to Mrs. F's "trip report". ( I'm hoping there is one)

Rah said...

I am going to Myrtle Beach with my sisters this weekend too. Can't wait...I am leaving my husband here to pack since we're moving NEXT WEEKEND:)

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